Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hyena Men

Doug showed me this collection of photographs by Pieter Hugo earlier today. I am mesmerized, and wanted to share them with you too.
(All photographs belong to Pieter Hugo.)

You can read more about the artists journey here. It is quite the tale of magic and animals. I am fascinated by hyenas. We visit them at the zoo often and I can sit and watch them for hours. They are such a unique animal. Especially because Ollie kind of reminds me of a hyena with his leaps and bounds and skittish nature. And of course, Africa has been on my mind since I have been reading the entire series of No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, the best book series I have read in a long long while. I will be sad when I get to the last book, but right now I am only on 5, so I have plenty more to go.

How do you feel about the images? I think they could induce a lot of differing opinions and feelings. I would love to hear yours.

Also, don't forget you have until the 15th to enter the giveawayover at Moorea's blog for a custom pair of sunglasses. I am totally beat from a very, very long week. Time for bed (and new sheets!! )



  1. Wow. INTENSE.. the men & the animals. I don't think I ever really realized that hyenas are THAT big & scary. Love these pics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow!! These are amaaaazing. hyenas are on crazy animal! Thanks for posting these :)

  3. These photos are amazing, I love them! That little girl in the first one is so cute! I think I feel distanced from them because they seem old, or something - there's something about the way they're taken! (So I don't immediately think "poor animals" or something) I'm super intrigued as to the story behind them. I always think of hyenas as goofy characters, I think, like in the Lion King (I only just realized this) and these photos definitely show break that illusion.

  4. wow. those pictures are amazing. simply gorgeous.

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