Saturday, June 11, 2011

July Book Club Selection

Before you even start to read this post, head over to Sarah's blog and check out the first write-up/discussion forum for "Wide Sargrasso Sea." I'll be here when you come back.....


Okay. Did you talk about the book? Make sure you leave comments to discuss the book and give feedback on the first installment of our book club. Now come back and see what I've chosen for July! "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves" by Karen Russell. Doesn't the title alone make you want to move in and set up camp between the pages. It is, according to the publisher, a "A series of upbeat, sentimental fables" that focuses on the hard truth that " growing up is hard to do (especially if you're a wolf girl)" OMGGGG! I am really excited to read this, and hope you are too.

So, make sure you check in with Sarah for her other posts about the current June book, and don't worry, if you forget, I'll be here to remind you. And go to your library, or check on amazon for a copy! (You're luck I didn't pick the entire No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency as the July book, because I am OBSESSED! I am on book 5, and can't get enough. I read 3 & 4 in two days.

Keep reading, bookworms!



  1. i love this book club idea ~ i have read wide sargasso sea a while back, so just going to hop over to sarahs blog and check out the discussion! x

  2. OH MY GAWD. Why have I never heard of this book before? It is possibly the best book ever!! I sure hope so! I'm off to go find it asap.

  3. ooo i LOVE that book. i got it for christmas the year it came out and i've read it five times. it is really really really REALLY good

  4. i'm into this! also, just a tip for another month, the book 'the sound of a wild snail eating' by elisabeth tova bailey. a GREAT and interesting read.