Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I wore // Sunday Off

Hiiii friends! I kind of took the day off today, so we got a chance to go to the swap meet, get gnarly sunburns, have lunch at the cliffs and a few minutes to blog, before I have to get busy. Like I said, half day. I actually wore something other than jeans and a black teeshirt, so Doug and I took lots of photos. Unfortunately, I feel like yuck (!) so I didn't like half the photos. Here are a few that I did like. (I think I'm getting sick again, gaaaaah!!!)
Shirt // Nike
Skirt // F21
Shoes // Italian brand I can't remember, soooo old! Monster chewed them up but I can't bear to part with them.
Rings & Sunglasses // Borrowed from our shop
Earrings // Dinosaur Toes
Sunglasses // Our shop, of course!!

Sorry this is so insanely short, but I'll be back later! I have a billion photos to take and packages to prep, and dishes to wash!!



  1. I LOVE that first photo of you! I really like the last one with your shoes as well. Sounds like a great day! Ben and I went to Granville Island today to eat and wander, it was so nice. I've felt like we haven't spent much time together lately - just us, actually doing something together, so it was really nice.

  2. ditto, we've both been working so much, actually getting out of the house is tough.
    glad you got some quality time.

  3. Beca!! you're so cute! I'm totally going to feature you on Tattoo Tuesday :o)

    Stay tuned!

  4. what a hottie. i know, i'm SO behind on commenting on blog posts, but i love that you did an outfit post. i love all of your pretty rings, and i'm giggly and excited seeing you wear your earrings!!!