Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ten Things that I Love Today

Ten things I love today.
One. Opening up my eyes every morning and falling in love, again and again. I can't even put into words how much in love I am. We are. Life is good.

Two. The way Ollie pouts his lip when he sleeps. His under-bite is to die for. He will always be our baby. And, the squeaks Charlie makes when I cuddle him. Every morning I pull the covers back and say "Time to wake up!" and then cuddle Charlie for a minute before we get out of bed. He stretches and squeaks. It melts my heart.

Three. California sun., there really is nothing like it. My shoulders are bronze, my hair is healthy, and eyes are bright. I thank the glow of this sunshine for that. (We missed you these past few days, and sorry to hear you'll be hiding for the next few days, mister sun.)

Four. Getting a really awesome compliment from an old timer at work today. Sincere and heartwarming.

Five. Leaning against the bar with a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning, while I take inventory of my cases and write my lists for the day. It is very rewarding to see what has sold and what new experiments have been successful.

Six. Listening to this song this morning and daydreaming all day long.

Seven. BBQ potato chips and finishing a book that I have been devouring all week. I still don't quite know how I feel about the ending.

Eight. Knowing that tomorrow is our day off and we get to sleep in, and then go adventuring all day!

Nine. These beauties.

Ten. My bangs are finally growing out. I think I'm going to cut them straight again tonight, I'm over the angle.

What are you loving today?


(PS, One thing I don't love are TWO new oven pan burns messing up my tattoos!! Boo!)


  1. Beca, I want to visit the beach you described in your comment! It sounds awesome, as does your California sun. Wish I could just go to San Diego for the weekend. :)

  2. I'm loving spending evenings at the ball park watching my sweetie's kiddos play ball! never in a million years did I ever think I would hear myself say that!

  3. i love happy lists! esp. #5 cos i can just picture you doing that.

    and the sun! I can't wait to be under the california sun next month! too bad it's not close to you (boo!)

    i'm loving: coffee, p+grape jelly on ritz crackers as a snack, getting my pantry organized (oh lord, i sound so very married/nerdy), and "one day"- i love getting lost in a book as you mentioned #7.

    and those beauties?! can't wait to surprise my husband for his birthday!


  4. Sarah, I wish you could come visit too! Bird rock has lots of little tide pools too, I forgot to mention that, Ollie kept trying to bite the little crabs in the pools. It was funny.
    Manda, watching kiddos play is always fun!! Especially when they are close to you!
    Micaela! It's in the mail!!! xox

  5. LOVE THIS!! Made me so happy. I am loving new friends lately. I just wish I could teleport to meet those that are futher away or to see them more often.