Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet Treats

I know that I have been posting a lot of the stuff that I make at work lately, but it has become kind of all-consuming. Today was kind of neat because I started the morning trying out these hot chocolate cupcakes that my pal Kaylah shared on her blog yesterday.
I am not super good at fondant, but the more I practice, I'm sure the better I will get. I like the little lipstick on the edge of the cup! I definitely want to try these again, but make them a little taller and work on making my fondant clean and straight and smooth. We live and we learn!

I also had a birthday cake for a golf loving teenage. I think it came out pretty wonderfully. And modest little me doesn't say that often. i am mostly in love with the little details of the golf ball and the fondant flag.
Doug and I woke up at 5:30 this morning and went to Kobey's swap meet. He needed some supplies and I wanted to get some local honeycomb! So excited, because we usually go so late, the man is always out of it, but this morning, he had plenty. I ended up making these beauties right before the end of my shift.

I have been angsting to make some peanut butter honeycomb cupcakes since I saw this post on Elsie's blog for her bridal shower. Honey and PB is such a good mix and I am such a sucker for honeycomb. Like, I've paid $17 for a cheese plate at Blind Lady Ale House and justified the price because it had honeycomb on it!

Anyways, it's my dear friend's birthday tonight and we are going to URBN which is cool, since I haven't been, but sucks because I missed Ainsley's birthday party there last week. Then we are going to see Chris Hall at the Tin Can downtown. I wish I had tomorrow off so I could sleep in, but no such luck. Work at So I'm going to take a nap right now.

What are you doing this weekend?



  1. I love seeing all the baking!! makes me day bring it all on!

  2. that golf cake is rad!!

    i wish you lived closer, i would love for you to do the baking for my wedding!

  3. I love the hot chocolate cupcakes! They are so great.

  4. Oh my GOD. Those cupcakes with the honeycomb on them are the coolest thing I've seen you post on here, and I've seen you post a few things. ;o)

  5. Those hot chocolate cupcakes look awesome and I really want one! You did a wonderful job on the golf cake and those peanut butter honeycomb cupcakes.....I don't even know what to say. They look amazing!

  6. whoa, those honeycomb cupcakes are awesome! if there are any left or the next time you make them, will you save me one?! i will gladly come buy one from city deli if needbe ;)

    oh, and those teacup cupcakes, love them! i've seen that picture floating around and i had always hoped that someone i knew would try to make them because i already know that i would fail miserably if i tried! haha

  7. Allison, i wish I lived closer too, because I would love to bake for you wedding!!!

    And thanks girls, for all your sweet words! Means the world to me.

  8. damn. yeah. honeycomb cupcakes! amazing. this weekend is almost over. worked today on four hours of sleep, visited my moms, went to an art opening... still up, 21 hours and going strong. but i'm really excited cos i thought i was going to have to pick up a shift tomorrow, turns out i don't have to so andrew and i are going thrifting!!! woot. and hanging out with our friend in his studio/apartment. this is much longer than i thought it'd be umm... heart you.

  9. Peanut butter cupcakes yummmm!