Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekday Recap (and a funny cake!!)

Hi friends! It seems like it's been a while. Sorry to a bunch of you who lost posts due to blogger's crash (or whatever it was that made blogger unavailable for a million hours yesterday.) I, fortunately, am the laziest person alive...or maybe the busiest...and haven't updated my blog, like really updated with heart and soul, in a while, so no love lost. I was annoyed yesterday though, because I kept wanting to blog, but couldn't. Mostly, I just felt restless.
This week has been really busy. On Wednesday, we finished getting everything together for a meeting we had at Make Good in South Park. And, great news!! You can now find Tumbleweeds handcrafted treasures like repurposed suede hair bows, lovely wooden bangles and leather wristlets, in their little, wonderful shop! If you are in San Diego, take a little trip, like Ainsley and I did on our last friend-date, and visit Make Good.
We also premiered our newest project in the shop on Wednesday night. That's right, wooden sunglasses!! We're really excited to focus our energy on them and really, this is just the beginning. We have lots of ideas, and have been really productive this week. I know we've been productive when the house is a mess!! And, it's a mess again. Even though it was spotless when Doug got back from LV. We were hoping to get some more frames this weekend and get some more in the shop.
Also, I have been working A LOT. I mean, not like 80 hours a week, but a lot, none the less. It is stressful and straining work sometimes, which you probably wouldn't guess since I make cakes, pies and treat all day long. But it is, stressful, that is. But here is something hilarious to make your day funnier.
Happy Friday the 13th. It is the first Friday the 13th that I won't be getting tattooed at my buddies shop in a few years. I always liked getting those little relics for $20 and having a little Tucson comradery.
That's all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I unfortunately have to work all weekend long...and also have a special project to share tomorrow! Hopefully tomorrow!! Have a great Friday!



  1. oh wow...that least it was made in the heart of hillcrest ;)

  2. Those cupcakes are so cute and look delicious! The tart things look divine!!