Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Kind of Day

Sometimes, a day isn't bad. It just needs a big bowl of ramen, an artichoke, half a bag of giant pretzels, a small plate of deviled eggs, a quesadilla, a confetti cupcake, lots of coffee, and it's only 5:22pm. I didn't eat all of that myself, I had help from a certain special someone. But we definitely put a dent in the pantry. Good thing I went grocery shopping earlier!

Today wasn't bad at all. It was mellow. I went to work early, made a bunch of rad stuff, got off early, went to the swap meet with my man, came home and have just been laying around eating ever since. I don't even care. I'll probably do this the rest of the night. I'v been so tired from working so. freaking. much. that this kind of afternoon/evening/night is just what I needed. I also got a bunch of great compliments from work today for the new stuff I have been introducing, and the changes in the menu I have been making. I also had a customer be very happy with their birthday golf cake. That made my heart happy!

We're going to "rent" a movie later through on-demand, and go to bed early. Working 6 days a week is brutal, but it will all be worth it. Especially when we can finally go on a vacation....sooner rather than later.

Have a good night, friends.


  1. Oooh your blog looks yummy with desserts! Happy to be newly following. I love mellow ramen days. & This day you had sounds a lot like how I ended both my Saturday and Sunday FULL of random food. But I guess it went with the mood, watching Louis CK on youtube w/my husband in the kitchen. Youtube and the kitchen = bad combo. Have a great week!

  2. pretzels and deviled eggs?!? YUMM-O!

  3. Hi Gale, welcome!
    I watch youtube video or netflix in the kitchen while I'm baking or cooking or cleaning all the time. It's SUCH a bad idea!!

  4. I have been craving deviled eggs like a mefo! If you put a little beer in them, it takes it to the next level.
    This sounds like a perfect day, if you ask me.
    In two weeks, Alex and I will be all alone to sit around in our jammies, nap, eat, watch movies and fornicate without children...and I am so looking forward to it.
    Sorry I derailed.

  5. did someone say deviled eggs? hahaha! i LOVE deviled eggs! and you know, they're so easy to make, which makes me wonder why i don't have them more often. thanks to this post, i know what i'm having for dinner ;)

    oh, and one more thing. yesterday i ate this cake with the fondant icing that the lady makes her self from marshmallows, and i was such a snob about it. while i was eating i thought to myself, "this isn't all that good. i bet beca could make a cake a hell of a lot better than this." isn't that terrible of me?!?! hahaha!

  6. you really can't have a day day once you've eaten an artichoke. i think someone could cut my arm off while eating and artichoke and i would still be a happy camper.

    you need to come over soon and i will make you a proper artichoke! i'm actually cooking one right now! ;)

  7. Doug did a really good job of boiling it. I asked him how long and he said an hour and a half...I thought it was 45 minutes. haha. It was good, I'm just so picky!

    Carla, please, feel free to derail anytime. I am excited for you guys to have some alone time!

    Danielle, you make my day so often. I think that's hilarious and fondant is weird. I don't really like using it. I like buttercream. And, I'm making more devilled eggs today. I can't get enough of them!

  8. I love ramen so much. I wish I had some right now.

  9. jen, I ate ramen again today! Oh my...obsessed.

  10. oh my gosh!!!
    I love ramen!!!! sometimes even dry!!!!
    Get some rest dear!