Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Sale!!

Because of my new job, and since I have been working so much, we haven't really been able to move new inventory into the shop. In order to make more room for new, awesome spring stuff, we are putting much of the shop on sale. So, for all you vintage lovers and collectors, help us spread the word by sharing this awesome spring sale. Some items are up to 50% off!!

You can visit our shop HERE! Happy spring!



  1. Your shop is fantastic! I love the staging and continuity (I'm a dork for good branding).

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I really like your collection of old photographs from the fifties... I always wonder why people didn't keep them and try to imagine the stories behind them. Good stuff!

  3. i LOVE your shop! if only my car isn't costing me a fortune to repair :( because those twin deers? oh i want to send one to my twinkie! :) adorable!!!


    ps. i shared my beautiful wallet on my postal blog post... LOVE IT!

  4. thank thanks thanks
    Carla, thank you for noticing. I obsess over tha branding out our products...

    nikki, I have boxes full of old photos. boxes. it's obscene.

    Micaela. I adore you.

  5. injured hand business is really taking a toll on my typing abilities. I swear, I am college educated and not as horrible a typer as I have been reflecting recently.

    Although, I should start saying/typing "tha" instead of "the" just for fun!