Sunday, April 10, 2011


First of all, the blog buttons have been fixed, thanks to my pal Marie Bee. Thanks for letting me know the html was messed up. I hate it, html is my nemesis. Hence, my very simple and clean blog layout. You can also find the blog buttons on my sidebar, for the time being. i may find another place to store them later on... Now onto a much needed "about" page!
Oh hi! I deleted my "about" page a while ago, with the intentions to update it, but I thought today would be a good day to make a new one. So, in case you have questions about me, my blog, my boyfriend or dogs, my silly life or some random facts, well, here is your go-to place.
My name is Beca, with only one "c", I'm 25 years old and an August baby. The eternal Leo. I currently live in Southern California with my very rad best bud in the world and boyfriend of 3+ years, Doug, our three dogs and a temperamental cat. We have an awesome 1960's home with studio space that houses our many projects, including our vintage/handmade shop, Tumbleweeds Odd Shop. We also both work full time. Doug works as a carpenter in a high end wood shop and I am a pastry chef in a Jewish bakery. We both love taking photos, playing with our dogs, going on day trips and collecting treasures. We love our babies and they are such a huge part of our life (ie, I'm a crazy animal hoarder and Doug turns a blind eye.)
Ollie is our three year old Old Southern American Bulldog. (No, he is not a Pit-Bull Dalmatian mix!!) He is a really great dog and I can't imagine my life without him. You can read his adoption story HERE!
Charlie is our 6 year old Boston Terrier and he is a dream dog, except when he gets into the trash. He is a chubby, mellow puppy and has the cutest personality. He likes watching TV and eating. He really likes eating. He also likes to lay in the sun and cuddle under the covers. If I could carry Charlie in one of those baby carriers, I would. No joke!
Monster is our other Boston. He is 5 years old. Maybe 6. I'm not sure. But he is really cute. Except when he is gross, which is a lot of the time. He likes to eat grass and then throw up on our bed. We've gone through so many sheets that way. He also likes to breath really heavily next to my face and be super annoying. I love him, a lot. Here is his adoption story.
And finally, our giant cat, Mooky. He is what I like to call "the miracle cat" because a few years ago, after dropping Doug off at work, I came home to find him sitting on the porch bleeding from both eyes. I rushed him to the emergency vet and they concluded he had been hit with a heavy object in the face. Not a car or a bike, but a baseball bat or a pipe. he had a skull fracture and a serious infection. He made a full recovery, but now, years later, still bleeds from his left eye all the time, as you can see in the photo. Mooky likes to sleep on stacks of fabric, roll around in the grass, and talk. He is very vocal.
We're both from the south and most of our family lives in Florida, although we met in Tucson. I got my bachelors degree in Film Production and my thesis project was a children's film about middle school picture day. Someday, maybe I'll share it on here...I still love making films and watching films and all that jazz, but it wasn't in my career path. I fell in love with being a baker and after years of doing that, have finally reached my goal of being a full time pastry chef. Next step is having my own space and be my own boss. It would be great to combine our shop, with my baking and Doug wood work. Dreams. I love blogging and have been at this blog for under a year, but it's been a lot of fun and I am so happy for the friends that I have made since it started.

Some random things you should know about me:
My favorite animal is a manatee.
I am the pickiest eater in the world. I know what I like and I stick to it.
My dream job would be to own my own pie shop.
I like summer better than winter. I hate being cold.
My first tattoo was of a slice of watermelon.
I hate shopping for clothes. I get very frustrated and bored. I don't own many clothes.
I love TV, especially reality based TV. I think it's because I'm nosy.
I don't have very many friends. I am very much a homebody.
I like riding bikes. I would rather ride my bike than drive. I don't like driving!
Bangs are good! I love bangs!
I'm very, very ticklish.
And, I am also super self conscious. So, if you meet me in real life, and I'm super awkward, don't take it personally. I still love you.

Thanks for reading my new about page. If you still have questions for me, or want to know anything I didn't add, just comment or email me, and I'll answer (just about) anything. You can also find me on twitter, etsy, facebook (for our shop) and of course, bloglovin.


  1. you are freaking adorable beyond words!! I love all your fur babies!

  2. (ie, I'm a crazy animal hoarder and Doug turns a blind eye.)
    I laughed out loud at this then read it out to Ben. His response was something like "Oh. I don't know ANYONE like that," which of course means me. I want all of the animals.
    Ok, maybe not all. But at least a big dog, and preferably a smushy-faced kitty, and eventually a couple chickens and a wee goat.... He joked the other day that when I hid a window on my computer most people would've been looking at "porn, or something exciting" but I was looking at Petfinder, haha.

  3. i kind of love you! the husband and i have 3 dogs and 4 cats, so i'm completely with you on the pet hoarding thing! you also make me want to hack my hair and chop some bangs!

    xo.anna marie