Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Death of a Card Reader & I need your Help!

We went to the beach yesterday with Charlie. It was pretty fun, and so nice outside. Doug took this photo on his new camera, that he loves. Today after work, I wanted to take photos of my new dress that took a ridiculously long time to get to me, and then sat on my porch for two days (oops) and I am just now wearing. BUT, I was scanning photos, and looked over at the coffee table and noticed that an entire bottle of glue had spilled (thanks, dogs) and was creeping like lava onto EVERYTHING, including our card reader for the camera. Sooo, I can't upload any photos and honestly, that's okay, because I am not really feeling into photos of myself right now.

I know, I know, I have said it 100 times, but I really really want to lose weight. This is the most I have weighed in a loooong time and now that summer is rolling around, I can't really hide it anymore. I normally rock jeans or cut off shorts, a black teeshirt and a hoodie or sweater. That's my all time favorite outfit, and has been since I was an early teen. It hides the weight pretty well, except that my weight fluctuates a lot and lately it's been leaning to the heavy side. So now, clothes that fit me well a month ago, are not fitting as well. I know this is so sporadic and random, but so is my weight.

I don't know what to do. I ride my bike to work 3-4 times a week, I can't stick to a diet, I have a serious caffeine addiction and I am totally broke, so can't afford to take classes or sign up for weight watchers (which would be a total waste of money anyways.) PLEASE HELP! What has worked for you? What kind of foods do you eat that fill you up but don't taste gross. I am eternally picky, but in a weird, 5th grade boy kind of way. Like I could eat junk food for the rest of my life, if it wouldn't kill me. Give me a bag of doritos, a 12 pack of coke, pepperoni pizza, mac&cheese, french fries and a soft pretzel, and I'll still be hungry for more. My metabolism, however, is that of an old tabby, and I will keep every single one of those calories all for myself. Greedy greedy.

I also have a pilates dvd and ride my bike often, but those don't seem to be helping. I mean, i guess if I did them more....but I'm pretty sure I can at least start this battle with food and moderate exercise?? I'm not going to lie, the last time I lost weight and was down to 135 pounds, I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, riding my bike obsessively, eating a lot of pizza and only sleeping a few hours a night. Insomnia + hipster track bike + chain smoking - pizza = grossly skinny for my 5foot8 broad stature. I don't want to do that again. I just want to feel better about myself.

Please, if you have a second, tell me what you do to stay healthy and maybe it will give me some ides. I stopped drinking soda, and I don't even crave it. One cup of coffee in the morning, and thats it, water for the rest of the day. I'm not eating junk right now either but that's harder. Ugh. I'm so frustrated!

That's all for now. Thanks, in advance.


  1. wait, how did you quit smoking? then i will figure out how to lose weight and tell you all my secrets. maybe we should have video chat work outs together but all i'm going to do is skip rope. skip rope like 15 minutes twice a day in two layers of clothes (to sweat the weight off), cut out lots of sugar + carbs. i hear grapefruits help too...

  2. Oh noes! Sorry to hear about the card reader. I'm sorry to smile but I am picturing an adorable orange greedy tabby now.
    --Ok, my comment was becoming too long so I'm e-mailing it to you instead :)

  3. eeeew. grapefruit! Haha I told you, pickiest eater ever!! I tried to chat with you but now I'm going to bed. Text you tomorrow. xo.

  4. haha. i HATED grapefruit until this year. i don't know what it is. i usually just juice them then eat the "dried" fruit and drink the juice. ps. i am sad about your card reader cos i like seeing pics of you!

  5. If you can incorporate some sort of weight lifting or resistance exercise, that's huge. More muscles will help you break down fat. Seriously. Plus, I actually find it a better stress release than cardio. You can even do simple exercises with body weight like lunges, squats, push ups and tricep dips (using a chair perhaps). I don't know if that helps at all.

  6. I wouldn't worry so much about the coffee-it actually keeps your metabolism rollin,' and is a better way to get caffeine than pop. Also, start substituting some of your go-to foods (pizza, mac and cheese, etc.) for the organic variety--just getting some of the chemicals out of your bod will help it process food more healthily, often resulting in weight-loss! (*TIP* Trader Joes makes UH-MAZING frozen Mac and Cheese dinners. I eat three a week. For real.)


    All This Grace and Charm

  7. you girls are great! Thanks! Day three of no soda has been a good one so far, I don't even crave it, at all!

  8. girl, when i worked as a receptionist in an office (where everyone there drives cars and sits at a desk all day), the girls there decided to start weight watchers. it sounds so cliche, but i saw those girls all lose weight with my own eyes! there was probably 15 pf us total in the office and 5 of the ladies were doing it, together for reinforcement, and they all lost so much weight.

    really, all you have to do is count your calorie intake and obviously watch the portions that you eat.

    for me, i know i'm skinny and a lot of people who are struggling with weight don't want to hear my two cents, but eating a few snacks rather than big meals really helps...it keeps your metabolism high and you can work it off much easier than big meals. also, don't eat right before bed (they say no more after 6pm, but that really depends on your schedule, not everyone has a 9-5pm work schedule)

    good luck lady and keep riding that bike! :)

  9. so starting last july i started trying to lose weight, so far i've lost just over twenty pounds. it's been slow, but arguably i haven't made that many changes. but, hands down, the best thing i did was started tracking what i ate. i was way too broke for weight watchers, and then i googled and came across "myfitnesspal" not to get all infomercially, but it seriously rocks. and is totally my price (FREE!) it's just www.myfitnesspal.com it lets you track food/exercise. check it out, i'm on there so you can "Friend" me, my username is allisonmarisa