Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Short and Sweet

I spent most of today packing order for the shop, walking (two dog walks, and a clumsy, slow walk to the post office with an armful of packages. I'm talking 8 boxes!) and cleaning the house. I also finished the book I got yesterday! Really! It was so excellent, and I am like 100 years late on reading this book, but I loved it; No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I already have book no. 2 in the mail. Hurry up!! Anyways, look at how messy my studio gets when I am packing up orders (behind the little deer friend.)

Also, I think this photo is hilarious, because Charlie looks like he died. And Ollie of course, had to get involved.
I am running to the farmers market to get something for dinner. It's day three with no soda!! I'm pretty stoked on that. That's a lot for me, since I am a coca-cola fiend.

Have a great night. I have a video to share tomorrow.



  1. yes, i can see your pink version of the dress! it looks really pretty and not so foo foo girly pink.

    i have that exact same deer! my grandma gave it to me, and she said someone gave it to her (100 years ago, which is what she says about everything) in the 50's she thinks.

    my packaging area stays so messy i rarely even try to clean it up anymore.

  2. I'm wearing the dress in the video I did, so you can see more of it. I just feel like yuck right now, so obscure photos of me are making me more happy than not...

    and this is the second deer like that I have sold in the shop. i love them. the next one, I may just keep!

  3. That deer look adorable, love his tag!! And Josie passes out like that too :) We always say "Oh no, the dog died. I guess we need another one." She doesn't enjoy our humour and continues to play dead.

  4. CONGRATS on the no coke success! i fortunately have never liked too much coke or fizzy drinks but other vices... well that's a different story altogether! lol

    that photo is so funny because i took a pic of my pups "sunbathing" and my stella looked like "road kill" as my twin sister said. lol

    your dress is pretty!!!


  5. I wish I wasn't addicted!! I've had a killer headache since right after I posted this. it huuuurts...I miss coca-cola....but not really. I miss fitting into my favorite dresses more...coke will always be there for me. my youth, however, will not.

    aren't puppies the best?

  6. lemonade is such a good substitute for kicking soda to the curb. i know how it feels. also, since you love oranges so much, drink real orange juice!