Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monster's Adoption Story Video Blog

Hiya pals! Remember a long time ago when I wrote up Ollie's adoption Story? Well, it's been a long time, and I promised to follow up with the other pups...well..I forgot. I totally forgot, until I started seeing all the really cute videos and blog posts about dogs and remembered that I should have done this years ago...okay, maybe months ago, so anyways, it's Monster's turn.
Here it is. In video, nonetheless.

Whoa. Look who has serious bed head!! (It always looks like this!) I still feel like such a kook when I make videos, but I hope you enjoyed Monsters adoption story and a little about him. Also, I should have taken notes or something before I made this because it took me like 8 times and by the way, do you love how Charlie kept trying to get into the video? And seriously, his face just keeps getting stranger as the video goes on.

I hope you liked my video and monster's goofy face. What's your pups adoption story? I'd love to hear about it! If you make a video with your pet, send me the link!



  1. Aws, Monster is such a goober! And such a cutie! Thanks for sharing :) I started writing Penny's adoption story a couple weeks ago, so when I finally post it I'll let you know!

  2. I love that puppy face! I'm such a sucker for dogs.

  3. Monster is so freaking cute!

  4. @Jordan He is pretty cute. Except when he is being a little jerk, but mostly, he's really cute. ;)
    @Stina I'd love to read it!
    @E me too...obviously!! haha

  5. Thank you soooo much for sharing Monster with us! He is quite a handsome guy! I have a Boston Terrier mix that is 7 - and he has been the love of my life as long as I've had him (don't tell the other two pups though)!

  6. Your dog is so cute. Such a sweet story!

  7. oh my goodness beca! i loooved hearing Monster's adoption story (and i love that he has a full name LOL) i always say a pup's love is unconditional... but what a great dog mom you are to have the patience to give a dog who might need a little more work and patience. i admire you both for that!

    and i might love you more for it too ;)

    truly one of the reasons i first fell in love with my husband was when he told me his dog was a rescue. i think i knew immediately he was the one! she's a lab/beagle mix that was roaming around a lumber yard. she is THE BEST dog ever! really!!! we have a bichon and then our other dog who joined us last summer is a shih-tzu who is like monster in that she is so stubborn to potty train even still.

    i worked at a place that found homes for dogs and fell in love with her. i wanted her but my husband wasn't sure we had room for a 3rd dog. The lady that bought my stella had unplanned family issues and couldn't keep her and wanted her to go to a home that loved her as much as she would have... she remembered me, and i just felt like it was a sign we (me and stella) were meant to be! i love our dog children so much!!

    when i worked at "petopia," i always loved the grunts from the boston's :) there was one just like monster's personality that we called wilbur. bless his heart, he was there forever until he found a home-- he was bigger than most boston's and did the biting thing, a lot of energy and he was brindle too! ha, so seeing your monster melted my heart thinking of Wilbur and how happy we were when he got a home but so sad to see him go. We felt like foster parents for sure!

    so sorry to leave this novel comment ;) but i loved your video! and have been contemplating doing a vlog, and this topic would be the perfect one!!! xo

  8. You should definitely do a video blog of your pups adoption stories! They are so sweet.
    I asked doug about 50 times to let me record a video of him telling Charlie's adoption story, but he's waaaay more shy than I am. He said no every time I asked, but I might get him to crack...
    I miss working in a shelter. It was a lot of fun, but I ended up with 4 dogs while I was there. They all live at my moms house.
    I really want to see photos/video of your babies!!

  9. cute!! he looked kind of excited when you mentioned chewing and pee'ing on everything :)