Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Curiosities Closet Vol 9 - Our Wishlist

This is kind of an unusual curiosities closet, because it isn't stuff I like, it's stuff we, as a family, want/need. Since I am working on budgeting better, I want to factor in our wants and needs and save for them. This is my visual wish list.
Firstly, the Olympus E-620. This camera is incredible. I am really happy with the 410 that I got for Doug last year on his birthday, so I will probably just hold on to that, but I really want to get him a new one. This one is perfect.

A MUCH needed trip to Florida to see our family.
And a weekend getaway to the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obisbo.
I really really want a new mixer because I had to leave my old mixer in Tucson. There just wasn't room in the van when we moved. I miss having one. This green one is very pretty.
If you know me at all, you know I love TV. My big TV that I got as a gift from my Mom for my college graduation, was too big to bring to California so it got left behind too. We are currently borrowing a TV from our friends, but would like to get our own soon.
Everything is perfect with the beast, except the paint. Although I don't think we're going to go crazy like the one below (which is the exact same van, minus the orange detailing) it definitely does need a new paint job soon.
Annnnnnd of course, we're planning on getting iphones...I know...finally.

Whats on your summer wishlist??



  1. hmmm my wish list.. I really am just wishing for some good weather :)

    Are you super excited for the iphone? Once you have it you are going to be wondering how you could have lived with out one.

  2. I am...but it's going to be a little while. we haven't even had our chocolate touch phones for a year yet! But, I mean, it's an iphone! It'll be worth it!

    (I'm wishing for some good weather too! hello summer!)

  3. I have a camera on my wish list too! I'm researching now... I want a good camera now that I'm blogging and thinking about an Etsy shop! And vacation too - I think I'm going to Jamaica and I really want to be able to do Creative Connections too!

  4. i want the green mixer and the iphone SO bad. also, a polaroid camera!!

  5. Awesome pics! Ima be gettin me one of them pretty mixers real soon!

  6. @Manda, I used to be a Canon girl, until i started using Olympus and I'm sold. I love everything about using an Olympus. But, do your research! It'll be worth it in the end!
    @Melisande, I love having a polaroid. I never use it because I always forget to buy film, but it's fun. Try looking at swap meets and thrift stores. They always have old polaroids!