Thursday, February 17, 2011

Six Confessions

Onto the bandwagon via just about everyone, here are six confessions. Buzzing like bees in the blogosphere.
1. I am the messiest, most disorganized person you will ever meet, but I am really working hard on keeping our house organized and clean. This is new though, and it really is a struggle for me to keep things in the right place. My mother always said it was because I have higher priorities than a clean, organized house. I am starting to prioritize it now though.

2. I'm totally obsessed with miniatures. I love everything that is tiny, including doll houses and miniature art. Last year (or two years ago..I can't remember) we went to the miniature museum in Tucson, oh it was love!
3. Our dogs are my whole world, next to Doug, that is. I can't imagine my life without a houseful of pups and sweeping dog hair and the click click of dogs nails in the hardwood floor. I even love our dogs when they take up half the bed and when they snort (like all Bostons) and snore, and even when they stink . I love these boys.

4. I love junk food. I love junk food more than you'll ever know. I love pizza, and potato chips, and coca-cola, and sour candy and mac&cheese, and hot dogs and just about everything that is horrible to eat. Did I mention chicken wings? I have to say though, I am not a big fan of chocolate.

5. Not only am I lactose intolerant, I have an insane allergy to milk. A bite of ice cream or a teensy drink of whole milk will put me in the worse place ever. My throat swells up, I puke, and I could die. So yes, death by milkshake is a reality. I always sneak a little creamer into my coffee though, and battle the itchies like crazy, but it's worth it.

6. My grandparents house is my favorite place to be in the world. My grandpa built it from the ground up and it is big, beautiful and full of good memories. I hope we get to visit them soon!

I can't tell you how excited I am for this video we're planning on making this weekend. It's going to be so much fun. I love that Doug is always down to help me with any project and vice versus. I am so lucky that I have someone I work so well with.

Today is going to fly by, I hope. I only worked a few hours last night, it was so dead. Maybe tonight will be better. Happy Friday.