Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Curiosities Closet Vol 5

I'm dying from the stomach flu.

On TUesday, we went to bed at 10:30 because we were exhausted (Doug worked a 12 hour day, and I wasn't feeling so great). It was impossible to fall asleep because there was a wild mockingbird in the tree outside out bedroom window mimicking car alarm noises. It was horrible. I love birds, I have a parrot of my own. His name is LeRoy and he lives with my Mom in Phoenix, but I don't love squawking car alarm noises outside my bedroom window when I am trying to fall asleep.

I finally fell asleep (albeit woke up 100 times to the whistling) but around 2:30 in the morning, I woke up puking my guts out. SO gross. I hate being sick. I crawled back in bed and curled up in a little ball. Got up a few more times, and finally fell asleep for about an hour. Of course, when we got out of bed, it was pouring rain. Of course! Doug works downtown, and I work uptown, and we both had to be at work at the same time, so there was no way he could take me to work, so I pulled my raincoat tight, stuffed my hair under a beanie and off I went on my trusty bike.

After stopping twice to dry heave, I finally made it to work, got the hiccups that lasted for an hour, worked a 7 hour shift and whined as much as humanly possible. Rode my bike home, curled up on the couch (lots of curling going on) and fell asleep. My trusty American Bulldog home alarm system woke me up when our friend Jason from Tucson was at the door. Ollie is so good, Jason didn't even knock, and Ollie protected our house. Once he saw who it was, he went back into puppy mode, but it is so good to know my boy protects our home.

Jason brought us a bunch of food (like baklava, butter, strawberries and roast beef!) from a catering job he was working on and I helped him transfer some skate footage to his flash drive. I guess my film school experience helps out sometimes (speaking of, get ready for a short video from us this weekend! I am so excited about it!!!)

Anyways, I made halibut with a white sauce and green beans and potatoes for dinner, and could only eat a little tiny bit, but it was so good! We hung out on the couch, watched TV, and I re-learned how to do granny squares! Exciting, I haven't crocheted granny squares since high school. **EDIT** Here is a great link by the Purl Bee for a Granny Square Tutorial!

Okay, so on to vol. 5 of the Curiosity Closet, all about color! Is it spring yet?

This pretty crocheted afghan made from granny squares from losabia's flickr.
This video by Modcloth (for some reason it won't let me embed it, but click on the link, it's really cute!) and these tights.

I'm pretty sure I have blogged this before, but I am SO in love with this room originally featured in the Swedish magazine, Skona Hem.
Paint chip origami by laylaloustudio
Aqua and Silver Pow Wow Princess Mocs from Darlingtonia. I also really like Katie's blog and everything in her shop. If you remember, I used to work for a small moccasin workshop in Tucson and I really liked it but unfortunately it was too far from our house and cost too much for me to drive there and back every day. I'll share some photos of the hopi's I made at the bottom of this post, but here's some pretty shoes by Katie!
And finally, this dress. Yikes. I may just have to buy this.
Okay, well. I guess I have a lot to do today. I should get started! Have a great Thursday. I can't wait until this weekend and the little video we're making for the blog/shop.


ps. Here's a photo of some moccasins I made a while ago (this was a in progress photo.) I like making shoes, it was a really fun experience.


  1. Just found your blog through my usual clicking around and really enjoying reading it! Sorry to hear though that you've been so poorly, what a trooper you are for still going to work!
    I really like all your photos too, those tights are just absolutely amazing, I want them!

  2. Hi Rosie, welcome aboard! ;) I'm feeling a lot better. Finally!! I hate being sick!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog today - I love it! great list!

  4. Thanks and welcome, Jessi!