Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Like Stuff

Tonight for dinner we had poorhouse pizza and watched Big Fish. Doug is doing photo editing and I ran out of aqua yarn for the blanket, so here I am, to share some stuff I like.

I don't know if you know about Every Eskimo, but I am totally, heartbreakingly in love with the little felt creatures and vintage stock. I LOVE this little French Bulldog.
Nesting dolls coin pouch by Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid. Better get it before I do!
This cute Bakery photo from the 1930s.
Egg people with grass hair!
I am SO obsessed with paper chains right now. I've been making them for every room of the house out of recycled vintage wallpaper and 1920s Women's magazines. But, being an ex-middle school teacher and all, I think these are super cute.
Our dream house is a little something like this. A lot different, a lot more organic, but with the same general idea of using shipping containers to build livable structures.
This Meteorite and Burl Wood ring by JewelerybyJohan is the most beautiful piece of jewelery I have ever seen. I want to get this for Doug someday. Someday, when I can afford it.
I wish I was more consistent with my blog, but to be perfectly honest, I am not super consistent with my life, more like sporadic and with good intentions, but never consistent. I admire those ladies out there who do daily or weekly scheduled blog posts. Go girls. Maybe someday, I'll be more like you, but until then, I'll just keep you guessing. Today, it's stuff I like.

Today is also the waiting game. Today we wait. I'll let you know when we are done waiting and onto knowing. The world spins madly on. I have to work at 7:30am. Sleep is inevitable.



  1. Those vintage paper chains are beautiful!

  2. i forgot to wish you luck yesterday so good luck today with the rest of the waiting! and i like the inconsistency, it's always a surprise!