Monday, January 3, 2011

Lucky $2 Bill

Hello friends. Today is the first relaxing day I have had in a while. It seems like even on my days off lately, I haven't had one day where I just did nothing. It doesn't help that we have a total of $2.37 to our names and 1/8 of a tank of gas that needs to be saved until tomorrow. I bought $13.50 in gas, which filled up exactly 1/8 of the tank, which was already at E. I was actually embarrassed to tell the gas station clerk that I needed to split up my $13.50 between cash (in partial change, no less) and a card. Happy New Year, right? You know, I'm not complaining. Just stating facts. Straight facts that I'm broke. It's depressing, a little, to look at the box in which my two college diplomas are tucked away into, and then look at my bi-weekly paychecks. Our jar of change. Empty pocket book and even emptier bank account. I promise, 2011, I am going to try to save money.

I spent my lucky $2 on gas for tomorrow. I am hoping and praying for luck.

On a lighter note, our 15 year old cat with head trauma is losing his mind, my rose bush fell over in the storm (it's still raining here in beautiful San Diego) and it's too wet for me to start the garden yet. I cleaned the house today, it looks rad and our roommate finally got a bed, so the couch has been freed up for us to potato on. I have had a fever for two days thanks to this disgusting flu bug and we ate chicken pot pies at the Chicken Pie Shop today for lunch. The dogs are all restless since they haven't been able to play much or go on walks. I ran out of coca-cola (maybe for the better) and actually got to do some laundry today and read some more of this book I am a million years late on reading. Sorry, Oprah. I'll tell you how I feel about "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides when I'm done with it. I secretly love the Oprah book club. Except "A Million Little Pieces" I only read a few chapters. Booooooring.

Anyways, I'm going to spend the rest of the night making paper chains out of vintage wallpaper and watch the Craigslist Killer on lifetime (yes, you read that right) and then some cartoons with my one. true. love. Life is pretty good. Maybe not having any money has just made life less complicated. Ask me about money saving in 30 days. HA! Wish us luck tomorrow, for so many reasons.


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