Monday, January 31, 2011

Braided Rugs

Our roommate moved out today and we are taking the space and turning it into a real, functional studio. It is very echo-ey right now with the hard wood floors we have through the whole house, so I am going to make a big braided rug from recycled clothes. Here are some inspirations for my project.
Cactus Creek Style Folk Art Rug
This wool braided rug by mrsginther for $225.
via Tumblr
A Rug sold on ebay for $25.
I like folk art, I like the rustic feel of braided rugs, and I used to make these out of old teeshirts when I was a kid. We are getting rid of a lot of old clothes, so I think this is the perfect project. I also think it's really wonderful to take clothing that we have worn, some of it for years, and weave it together into an heirloom (just in case I ever have those kiddos to pass it on to) or at least something really neat to have in our home.

Here's to making something new out of something old. I'll take photos when I am done!
Have a great night. I hope I can talk Dougie into walking to the coffee shop with me to get a cupcake. I have a sweet tooth tonight.
***EDIT*** Since, while I am making this rug, Ollie has fallen in love with it, I think I'm going to make him a dog bed instead. He won't stop laying on the small center I have sewn together. SO CUTE!



  1. awesome!! i've been wanting to make one but have lacked the patience to start it... post pics when you're done!!

  2. haha, if I finish it, I am always starting projects that I don't's about a 4th of the way done.... ;)

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