Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Photos from our Move! AND Lil Miss No Name Doll.

As promised, here are some photos from our move and some images of that doll i told you I got at the swap meet last week. The dogs, of course, took the center stage of most of our photos. Doug took most of these, except the one that I took of them fixing the tarp on our stuff. It was shredded by the time we got to California. Ugh.
And, here is the doll Lil Miss No Name, the 1965 Hasbro orphan doll we got at the swap meet, It is now available in our shop.
What do you think of this little doll? Cute or creepy?



  1. a little creepy...

    but then again, I am not the biggest fan of dolls in general.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your move!

  2. Thank you, I'll be 100x more happy when we are actually in our house instead of taking over our friends house!