Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Favorite Time of the Year & Thankful for YOU!

So, now that we're starting to get settled, I am starting to really get excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I was a kid, after my parents divorced, the Holidays weren't the same. They were not exciting, no ritual to it, no celebration. As an adult, I have become more and more in love with celebrating the holidays. Last year was phenomenal. Christmas was incredible. We woke up, opened presents under the tree in our underwear, ate homemade biscuits and gravy, Doug wen't skating and I made his Mother's broccoli casserole. Tracy and Jason came over for dinner, and we had a fire, and it was just really nice. This year, we have a new home, in a new state, and new friends to celebrate with.

I wanted to share some items we have in our shop right now that are in the holiday spirit.

This sweet little holiday deer figurine, such a face to put on any coffee table or nestled in mistletoe. He is only $11.00 and ships worldwide!

This very Wintery cabin with little dutch children and a wicked witch will tell you if it's snowing or if it's sunny. The Weather Wizard is such a sweet holiday decoration or gift. Don't miss the little mounted deer head under the roof. So rad! Only $12.oo
These ridiculously beautiful Hollywood Regency Holiday Deer are INCREDIBLE. They are so detailed and so perfect. They are big and heavy too. I love this style, the shape of their eyes and the beautifully ornate antlers. They're $31.00 and come as pair.

So, those are just a few of my favorite holiday items in the shop and you know we already have more items just waiting to be photographed and listed. Ugh! This move has really set us back. Be sure to check out Danielle's blog Sometimes Sweet which we are sponsoring and having a giveaway of one of our bike seats later this month.

Also, I am taking part in this wonderful little project hosted by No. 17 Cherry Lane in which you let someone know how thankful you are for them.

Dear Grammy,
Everyone says I look like you (minus all my tattoos, but you don't care about that) and that makes me so proud. I love having your features across my face. Thank you for always being supportive. Thank you for loving me and never questioning my choices in life. Thank you for writing me little letters and always talking to me every weekend. Thank you for understanding me. Thank you for loving a man you have never met just because he loves me. I am so thankful that I still have you and will for a long time. I can't wait to see you this Spring and I hope you like this little letter.
All my LOVE!



  1. what a great grammy:)
    thanks for sharing!

  2. The stuff in the shop looks great! I love decorating for the holidays :)

  3. oh, me too! I LOVE decorating, and can't wait to start in our new home!

  4. I love this tribute to your grammy. What a wonderful gift you have that you still have her in your life.
    Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

  5. I love the letter to your grammy! So cute.

    Those Hollywood Regency Deer are to die for. Love it. Maybe I'll drop a hint for Christmas.

  6. What a cute letter to your grammy! My nieces call my mom grammy and I think it's so adorable.

    Thank you for sharing!

    p.s. that little deer figurine is precious!

  7. What a wonderful Grammy you have - so incredibly precious. You are blessed beyond measure.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. I really love the deer! They are so perfect - I might have to give myself an early holiday gift!