Friday, November 5, 2010

Armful of Treasures and Friday Funday.

This morning, we had a slow start. Woke up around 10am. Went to Lestats on Adams, the coffee was unfortunately not so delicious (I think we're just so used to making coffee at home the way we like it) and they forgot to give me cream cheese with our bagel. Traffic was stressful, it's hot here today, BUT once we got to the Sports Arena Swap Meet, nothing else mattered. We're swap meet royalty and will dig up to our elbows for treasures. And in most cases, that's where we find the best. I have to say that I did say no to some really amazing 1950s wall hangings today and a leather ottoman. I also said a reluctant no to a 1930s Raggedy Ann Doll. Mostly because it's hard for me to buy anything for myself anymore, but we did get a few things for us.

The Friday Sport Arena Swap Meet is better than the weekend Swap because there are less of what we call "mall vendors" and more good old fashioned people trying to get rid of their junk. Of course there are those antique hoarders who are sitting on a fortune and secretly don't want to sell anything because they think they have shipwreck treasure or something. It's all junk. It's just a matter of what that junk means to you. Like I said, some of the junk we found today we're actually going to keep! Holy, Holy! I know, but we have a permanent home now and I'd like to do some decorating. I haven't taken any photos of the stuff we're keeping, but here is some of the rad treasures we're putting in the shop.

This handsome forest friend is ready to build a nest at your house.
Only $16.00, you can find him here.
This lovely Fisher-Price Globe Lamp is in excellent condition and I am aching to keep it, but I am NOT a treasure hoarder and have enough globes!
Miniature Matryoushka Russian Stacking Dolls - Set of Three. What a perfect stocking stuffer!!
Little 1960s rubber puppy toy. For dog lovers with allergies!? Give him a peek!
So, Monster and I are eating cucumber slices and doing some work before we go to the beach. We're taking Ollie and Monster for the beach, for the first time ever. Neither have ever been in the water, much less to the beach! Ollie and Milton have been playing NONSTOP and it's pretty adorable.
I'm glad our boys are adapting to San Diego so well. I am so grateful to everyone who has been so supportive of our move and of this massive change in our lives. We are so incredible lucky. Now...I really need to get a second job. Working from home is rad, but I need something else. I was going to start tutoring but I don't know if that's going to work out with us only having one car. Oh well. I'm not super worried. Not anymore than normal!

Time to wake Doug up and drag him to the beach. Life is hard. ;)


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