Sunday, October 10, 2010

SD Part 2

I am definitely staying in tonight. Doug went to go hang out with homies and I am STILL sick. After such a crazy few days, I kind of just want to go to sleep. I see flu meds and puppy pile soon.

The rest of our trip to SD was very house-hunting dedicated. We drove all over the city and every house seemed to have too many pieces that didn't fit into our equation. No yard for the dogs. No off street parking. No pets allowed. Across the street from a very scary park! Too big. Not big enough enough. It was exhausting. We we're exhausted. After looking at a house that was a definite "maybe" we decided to drive back to Paula's house and eat some lunch and take a nap. We missed her road, so we drove down the next street. A big giant sign jumped out at us and we pulled over fast. It hadn't been there the day before. We called right away and the Realtor said we could go look around. A fenced in yard! One bedroom! In our price range! So excited. We put down a deposit hold on the house and decided to fill out the application on Monday.

I hope it works out. We'll have to wait and see if our application goes through. Cross your fingers for us! Then we drove home. Here we are, back in Tucson. I missed the boys so very much. I forget how much time I spend with them and how much they mean to me. I'll tell you right now, I am sitting on the sofa in the living room, and I have two little ones to my right and the big one to my left, curled up and sleeping like babies. They are really special creatures and I am pretty lucky to have them in my life.

I know I should be stressed out right now, because of the move, and just feeling like we don't have enough money, but I don't really. I just feel happy. I feel in love. I feel so incredibly lucky to have an amazing man in my life, my best friend, and these silly dogs, and even my disgusting cat! I'm just incredibly happy about life, no matter what obstacles present themselves.

I love San Diego. I am head over heels in love with the city, the people, the weather, the beach, the cliffs, the smells and the fact that we have some really wonderful friends out there. No matter what happens with the house, I can't wait to live there.

I'm really tired and am still feeling super sick. I just realized the post office is closed tomorrow because of Columbus Day, so looks like I have one more day off work. Doug is working at the school for 2 more weeks since Ned will be out. (Congratulations to Ned and Amanda for having a really beautiful baby girl.) BUT, I'll be here, we got a bunch of great stuff at the sports arena swap, so it will be up in the shop soon.

I made Prickly pear lemonade today. I'll post the recipe and photos tomorrow.


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