Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mini-Trip to the FUTURE Part ONE (Image Heavy)

Well loves, we're back to our present home, so very close to our future home. What a whirlwind couple of days. Mazing is probably the only word that could describe it. The next two posts are going to be super image heavy, so beware! I mean, enjoy!

I don't mind driving, and the drive to San Diego form Tucson is super easy! Doug fell asleep just outside of Picacho and it was me, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, jenny lewis and she & him, and a can of red bull until the mountains, then it was Kanye West, an almost empty gas tank and the sunrise.

We got into San Diego around 7:30am and went over to the cliffs in Point Loma, my favorite spot.

and then headed over to a little breakfast spot on the beach called Nick's, where they have AMAZING pulled BBQ pork and eggs. Doug has been making that breakfast for years and I finally got to try the original. His is better, but this was really delicious. I could barely keep my eyes open, but it was so nice to sit near the ocean and eat breakfast and drink coffee. Lots of coffee.

We drove to Normal Heights to wake up our friend Greg. He and his wonderful girlfriend Paula let us stay at their house while we were in San Diego. Oh, and their adorable English Bulldog, Milton.

I think I took more photos of Milton than of anything else. We were super tired, but Greg drove us around the city and we took down a bunch of phone numbers for houses, ate lunch, explored the city until he went to work. Doug fell asleep for a MUCH needed nap, and I tried to sleep, but I think excitement overtook me and I took Milton on a walk down Adams Avenue.

The fabric store is AMAZING and I can't wait to live near it, maybe I'll sew more again. I miss it. We walked around the neighborhood and explored. By the time I got back to the house, Paula was home from work, with Dougie still fast asleep and Greg at work for a few more hours, we had a total carb-girl fest at the Greek Cafe on Adams. Flaming cheese, pita and hummus and baba ganoush. So wonderful. And that was just an appetizer! We went to the Blind Lady Ale House for dinner. The tomoato, basil and chesse pizza was absolutely amazing. They hand toss their pizzas and use almost all organic and local ingredients.

I have a feeling it's going to quickly become a favorite. Oh, and the best part, they serve Mexican coca-cola in the bottle that has real sugar in it!

And that was just our first day there! I was way to tired to go out any later so Paula and I went back to the house and the boys went to Small Bar. I can't wait to visit it when we move there, since it's Greg's favorite bar.

I need to get a lot of stuff ready to be shipped off tomorrow morning and I told Doug I would make Hummus for dinner, so I'll write about more of our trip later.


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  1. sunset cliffs are my favorite part of san diego as well! i work right up the street at peets coffee and tea! :)