Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chris Hall

Because the world, even my blog world, doesn't always revolve around me, I wanted to share a good friend of ours with you. Chris Hall.

He's like a little brother to us. Crashes on our couch and eats all our pizza, but we love him. We also love his music. So, I thought today, I would share a video he did with another good friend, Isaiah Toothtaker of Machina Muerte (and werdemup) Isaiah has a hip-hop label, world famous tattoo shop Staring Without Caring, and he's one rad dude. He's putting out Chris' first album "Brown Bottle Blues" soon. (flyer design by Marc Nava)

WERDEMUP presents CHRIS HALL TTT from Isaiah Toothtaker on Vimeo.

Anyways. Chris plays acoustic guitar and writes a majority of the songs he performs. He plays a lot of local shows, mostly at The Red Room downtown and you should check out his music page and come to his next show.

(This is a photo from when he played at Doug's last solo show "Never is Forever" Stas Yamnitskiy took this photo.)

And he has a super cool dog named Talulah (his birthday present from us!!) that is the apple of his eye. She's a sweetheart and she and Monster cuddle for hours.

(Photo by Doug Switalski)

If you want to book a show with Chris, get a hold of him here

More on the chaos of today later. xo!

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