Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Morning Stress-Fest

Ollie has somehow managed to squeeze his 90lb self between me and the edge of the couch, about a foot and a half of room. He looks incredibly uncomfortable and there is the entire other half of the sofa plus the other one, but this is the spot and there is no convincing him otherwise. It's only 8:27am and Monster won't leave the cat alone, Charlie is still in bed, sleeping, and Doug left for work 20 minutes ago. I'm feeling incredibly overwhelmed today and last night. I feel really scattered and not in my right mind. I can't really tell what brought it on, but I don't like it. I need to kick it, quick. I've never been one to handle stress well, though.

Five things that are awesome right now:
1. Doug! The most amazing man in existence. I'm the luckiest in the world, seriously.

2. Pretty soon, I'm going to live right near the ocean and it's going to be amazing.

3. These little boogers who make me smile all day long.

4. Our amazing, lovely, wonderful shop Tumbleweeds. Oddities, Curiosities and the Like!!!!

5. I will always be, and will never stop being grateful for a few of my favorite vices...coca-cola, Limon potato chips and Cable Television.

I really am full of so much love! Mostly thanks to a certain somebody...but you know...back to work.


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