Tuesday, September 21, 2010

$$$ For Pups

I submitted one of Doug's amazing portraits of Charlie into a photo contest for "The Animal Rescue Site"

And you can vote for it HERE

Honestly, I haven't quite figured out how to vote for the photo, but if you figure it out, let me know...EDIT!! If we get choosen as a finalist, then you can vote, in the meantime, visit the site and send good juju vibes to Charlie's pretty face...if we win, HOPE Animal Shelter will win $2000!!! That's a lot of money! I think you can also vote for HOPE on their home page, and you can do that every day. Oh and if you have an adorbale photo of your pet and you want to help HOPE win money too, you should enter it HERE.

Anyways, I just got Dougie a new storage unit for his camera stuff, and I am going to organize it all before he gets home. I also need to wrap Holden's birthday present! He's 11! And do a few more loads of laundry. The house is almost empty now except for all our workshop stuff in the living room and ALL of our clothes in the bedroom....there is a lot of clothes in the bedroom, I'll tell you.


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