Tuesday, September 21, 2010

50% Off Sale

From now until Friday (September 24th) everything in our old shop will be 50% off. This doesn't include the HOPE Animal Shelter Prints. Buy locally so you don't have to pay shipping. Cash, paypal, check, or trade (if it's worth it to both of us...)

To give you a hint as to what is left in the shop:
Old Fashioned Cast Iron Eagle Outlet Covers
Japanese Wood Salt and Pepper Shakers
Vintage Handpainted Rosary

This is an exclusive facebook-blog offer and I really want to clear the shop out, and would like to do it by the end of this week to make room for paintings.

This is a ridiculous offer but it's totally worth it.

I have some bags to sew today for bike seats (all of our saddles are coming in custom bags. I'm going to get some fabric made at Spoonflower but I want to get the pattern down before I mess with the good fabric.

And, thought I would share a little Monster helped me take photos for the shop yesterday.


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