Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sold the Yard

5:30am - woke up, started pulling out boxes and unloading the magical contents onto tables, chairs, the ground, everywhere! It was gorgeous out, a little drizzle, breezy and cool.
5:45am - People start arriving. Oh lord. Too early for human interaction, much less people who are restless and anxious to get good deals on my beloved items. I tell them I'm not ready but they are welcome to hang around until I am. Why are people so grumpy??
6:30am - It is hot already, but not too bad. Have already had 30 people stop by, made $70 and needed coffee, bad.
7:45am - Doug woke up and was immediately inundated with questions about motorcycle parts. He left to grab us coffee and bagels and I am alone with the stream of people once again.
9:00am - Charlie kept me company, then Monster. Then out friend Bullet and his parents show up. It is a Boston Terrier party! We have some lovely friends show up, both new and old, and we make some pretty good sales.
10:45am - I was ready to close up but we got another rush of people and made some good sales. All the roommates are awake by then, and I am never lonely, plus there really was a constant stream of lovelies.
12:40 - Packed up. Made a fair amount of cash. Will be helpful. Maybe the pet deposit at our new house!!

I am exhausted, need a shower and a nap. Then maybe we'll go see a funny movie!


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