Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheesecake and Geodes.

Today has been super wonderful. I ate breakfast (coffee, yogurt and fresh blueberries) with Doug before he went to work, got dressed and ran to the post office to ship the cutest Popeye belt buckle in the world to a lovely lady in Washington. After that, I drove all the way across town to pick up the portraits for the show tomorrow. They look amazing. I have kind of taken myself out of the planning of his showing since it goes along with this benefit event.

Also, my little friend Stephanie (who works with Doug at the school) asked me to bake a cheesecake for her boyfriend's birthday. It looks really pretty already and smells good. I'll take photos when it is out of the oven.

When I was at the post, I got a package from my Dad. It is a big box full of my ROCK COLLECTION from when I was a kid and some other treasures. I want to take some photos when I get all of the treasures out of the box, but I haven't even hit the middle of the box yet, and as much as I would like to sit for hours procrastinating, I need to pack! Check back for photos.

The best part is a handwritten letter from my Grandpa with a list of all the stones and rocks, and a note to my Dad from when I was 5 years old. I want to frame it! I will frame it, when we get our store front. A shadow box for my grandpa's treasures. I'm a little teary still.

Okay, I have a kitchen to clean and a dog room to pack up.


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