Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am feeling frustrated today. There is just too much in limbo and it is incredibly stressful.

I don't want to leave the house today. I want to clean and refill the shop with lovely delightful things, and I want to start feeling more calm. Take deep breaths and relax. It's hard to not be nervous though, we are waiting to hear when they want Doug to come out and start working (waiting for background check and drug test results, but no worries on both of those) and I found the perfect house. The landlord is SO nice, she loves dogs, she has a really good attitude, but she wants to send me more photos before I can send her a check...I don't want to wait. Also, we need to figure out how much a truck is going to cost (only $120, not bad at all,) pay bills, etc etc etc.

At least I slept super good last night, we had an amazing dinner (pasta-less pasta made from sliced squash, grilled mushrooms and turkey meatballs...mmm...) and I have goals set for the day.
-finish laundry
-deep clean living room
-relist items in new store
-go to skate shop to get more boxes
-finish cleaning kitchen and dog room

Seems like a reasonable set of goals. Now to get motivated to actually do them.

(at least I sold my TV and DVD player yesterday...two less things I need to pack up...) Time to get going!


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