Thursday, October 4, 2012

Raspberry, Orange + Rosemary Pie Pop

I am running purely on caffeine and willpower at this point, working 2 six full time jobs, and loving every second of it. I took a break while a mixed berry vegan pie was baking to throw together a few of these raspberry, orange zest, rosemary and honey pie pops. I made five and yes, I plan on eating them all. I was just experimenting with the flavors and although Doug says rosemary isn't a dessert flavor, I disagree. And that's fine, because more for me. And Ollie of course, my number one helper. 
Sarah and Josh left this morning for Nashville, and I was so sad to see them go, it's been a rad few days having some extra able hands around the house/shop and of course, their friendship. We ate WAY too much good food, stayed up too late talking, and their help on sanding sanding sanding was indispensable. I have to say, that I made them a chocolate cake that I forgot to ice and it's still in the fridge, sorry guys! 
I'm back to packing tubes full of sunglasses. Have a good night, yall.



  1. These look awesome! I love to eat anything Rosemary later in the night. The hearts are just adorable and I love how you put them on forks.

  2. that looks so delicious right now. and awfully cute, i might add!

  3. That looks freaking delicious, Beca. At the restaurant I used to work at we grew Rosemary out back, SO GOOD on everything.

  4. Those pie pops look heavenly. I'm a huge fan of pie. I hope you'll share the recipe some time.