Friday, October 5, 2012

Adventures in Virginia

The last leg of our trip was spent with Danielle and Chris in Virginia and it was such a good few days that I mostly forgot to take photos, of course! We stayed up late watching Dexter, ate lots of good food (cheese plates and homemade burritos!) rode around in the woods, played with Kona, the sweetest pup in the universe, doted on Flojo and mostly just relaxed! We went thrifting one day, and ate lunch at the Cavalier. Dive bar, good food and rad decor. My kind of place! 
After eating, we visited Danielle's secret thrifting spot. It was pretty epic, we definitely made a dent, and for only $25 left with a box of treasures!
I have a great story to go along with our thrifting adventure too. I wanted to make cinnamon rolls while we were there, and so I asked Danielle if she had a pan I could use. She didn't have one big enough, so I started digging through the hundreds of pans there. I pulled out a large rectangle pan, put it in my pile and didn't give it a second thought. We made cinnamon rolls that night, and the next morning Danielle was washing dishes and turned the pan over to find that Chris's granny's name was written on the bottom of the pan. The trhift store isn't close to their house, and there was literally hundreds of pans for me to chose from, but by chance, I picked that one! I think it's a pretty awesome coincidence.    
And of course, Doug and Kona were fast friends, even checking their instagram together. 
We have a lot of work to do today, so I'm off to get that done. I accidentally fell asleep on the living room floor last night, but woke up in bed, much later than I had hoped on getting up. Oh well, I guess sleep in necessary. :( Have a good Friday, and a great weekend. I'll be in near Nashville celebrating my friends' wedding! I can't wait!



  1. I know exactly where you were in VA, not an hour from me! That thrifting spot is one of my all time favs. One I haven't been to in awhile. Looks like an awesome visit and delicious too.

    1. ah man, next time we are there, we'll need to meet up! :)

  2. I LOVE coincidences like that! I'm not much of a "fate" person, but some things feel so much like the cosmos helps a bunch of tiny insignificant happenstances to come together to remind you, WHAM, we're all connected and the world is so much smaller than we ever knew.


  3. Danielle and I can't wait for the next time you guys come here, hopefully the weather will be better so we can explore the farm more! See you guys in a couple of weeks!

  4. obviously i loved this post, but it made me miss you more! i'm so glad it won't be much longer before chris and i are in tennessee with you and doug!

    oh, and let's be honest here... not only did i not have a pan big enough, i didn't have one at all! you made me realize that my kitchen stuff is kind of lacking and maybe i need to be a big girl and buy a cake pan!

  5. That is a crazy awesome coincidence!
    Have a great time at the wedding! :]

  6. Great great pictures! Is it sad that I keep on going back to those fries? Huh. Guess, I'm hungry. xo. Deanna

  7. I've always wanted to go to Virginia, it looks like you had a good time eating lots of food and thrifting! And a whole box filled with stuff for only 25 dollars?! lucky.

  8. I love thrift store shopping! And I absolutely love your blog! Miss your little shop in San Diego on Adams Avenue!
    Come visit and join me at my blog: