Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Brain

{photo by Arrow and Apple}
{Cork sunglasses}
My brain is mush right now. I have 100 million thoughts running through it, and can't seem to focus long enough to put my words together. Life moves fast. We had some really exciting things happen for our business this week and today it was put into writing. We received the largest order of our career, more sunglasses than we've ever made in one go, and it's exciting and scary. More sunglasses than I ever imagined making. It's incredible to think that in a few short weeks we will have made, boxes up and shipped over 600 pairs of sunglasses. I'm sitting here looking at the purchase order in shock still, and feeling guilty I'm not working on them right this second (a girl's gotta blog, right?) 
{a working lunch}
It's crazy to think how much our business has grown and changed in the past year. A year ago, we couldn't pay rent. We were on food stamps and struggling to maintain our store front, our etsy shop, and make enough money to survive. In the following year, we moved across country, and we grew and grew. Thanks to our customers, Etsy, fab, and all of our sweet blogger friends. I have never felt so confident in our craft and  have never learned so much about myself and my partner and the life I want to live. I still have so much to learn. I still have so much to change, but it feels good to be recognized for our work. Lord only knows, we work sometimes seemingly endless hours. It's worth it, it feels good. I still have a long ways to go, but right now, everything seems pretty okay. 
{late night work}
In non-work related life, our house is a mess. I've been running with Ollie 2 miles a day, have driven to Nashville 4 times in the last 2 weeks, Doug's sis is coming on Sunday to stay with us for a week and my best friend is coming to visit next weekend for the Southern Blogger Mixer - have you got your tickets left, there are still a handful left! 

Also, I have recently discovered that 99% of small businesses in Chattanooga have zero interest in bloggers (Easy Bistro, Maggie's record company, Girl and Parrot, Arrow and Apple and a handful of others excluded - they're hyped!) So, Doug and I decided to fill the gift bags with non-sponsored gifts. Because what is an event without gifts. When I used to organize bike races, the prizes were abundant, but maybe Tucson is different...I don't know. Whatevs. But anyways, I'm making caramel apples, salted caramel macarons, and pumpkin pie pops for the event, so that's something too. Oh, and Laura is coming up with an awesome punch bowl of a fall inspired cocktails and mocktails! Stoked!
{coffee and macaron}
It's getting late and I have 6 pairs of turquoise glasses to glue up tonight for our Etsy shop, which is now closed until we finish filling our wholesale orders. Should be open again by November 1st, just in time for the holidays. We will be opening the shop with just over 100 ready to ship items and that's it. They will all be new styles, and will only be made in small batches. That's the plan at least. Let's see how that goes...... Back to it.



  1. Beca! Gosh I love you. By the time I'm ready to get out there your business will be so big that you'll have to have an actual workshop, and then hire me to do your books! This post almost made me cry and I am so proud to have known you this past year. <3 <3 <3 - M

  2. I've been reading this blog since you were still working as a baker and I've got to tell you, watching your guys' life change since then has been so inspiring. I love seeing the good things that are happening for you guys!

  3. Im so glad things are working out for you guys. I love seeing blogs/shops grow. So exciting to see! Yay!

  4. so amazing to see how far you've come. you guys have worked so hard and it is well deserved. it can only go up from here!

  5. Congrats!!
    Your growing success is awesome.

  6. That's amazing news (and a whole load of sunglasses)! You guys rock xo

  7. i'm seriously constantly amazed and proud at the ways tumbleweeds grows and changes. and do you want to know one of the best things about you guys being so successful? you're not arrogant. that's the best. i'm so proud of your work and just to be able to call you a friend, you celebrity, you. also, i can't wait for the mixer (although i'm getting a little nervous since you're the only one i know) and those pumpkin pie pops. yum.

  8. I would totally be at the mixer if I didn't have another wedding that day. What is it with October being the month of weddings?!

    I would like to make it back to Chattanooga sometime soon. I have a feeling there was a lot of neat stuff I missed.

  9. i am so happy for you guys! it is amazing to follow you through this blog. I remember when you guys first started selling glasses and now look at you!

  10. Wow, that is so amazing. So very excited for you guys! You're incredible!