Monday, September 3, 2012

Window Shopping is Good for the Soul

Taking a quick break from hand sanding to share a few of my current favorites. Sometimes a little daydreaming is good for the soul.
{this print from Small Talk Studio}

{B.A.I.T just released their fall collection, and it's pretty dreamy! I especially like the Tony in Black and the Selena in Taupe! Pssst, if you order 2 styles, shipping is freeeee!} 
{This Bon Voyage under garment set from Sarah Elaine}
{AA Gold leggings from ASOS, don't ask me why, I just need them.}
{This. This, so much. Tote from Dear Colleen}
{and of course, this print from Girl and Parrot. You can use the discount code tumbleweedsten in Danielle's shop right now!!}

I am uploading a video to share later today hopefully. It's pretty cool, I think! Also, thanks to all the friends who emailed me after my last post. I really, truly appreciate your words, kindness and friendship. I am feeling a million times better today! 



  1. hooray for feeling better. and i'm so ordering that last print. dftba!

    1. it's the best! Danielle is amazing. Be sure to use the discount code!

  2. um, i think you really need that tote. it's like they made it with you in mind, right?! also, i'm loving some of the new b.a.i.t. styles! i love shooooeees!

    1. you do love shoes! i think you could rock those heels better than me, so um, do it. :)
      PS see you in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better now! :)
    I love those shoes and I agree, I think gold leggings are a must for you!

  4. Love the first print and those gold leggings! It's just something about them.

    ♥ Emily

  5. Girl, you got taste!
    I love those tights, undies set, tote bag, and both the prints. Seriously though.... MUST OWN GOLD TIGHTS!!