Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tumbleweeds Handcraft coming to Scoutmob Nashville

Here in the Tumbleweeds house, we love local. Local everything if we can swing it! I mean, let's have some real talk for a second...we eat out a lot. I'm not sure why it's so important to me, but it is. Also, I shop at a lot of local business, and I rep local hard. It's a huge part of our life! So, when Allie over at Scoutmob got in touch with us, I was stoked. Even more stoked when I got to meet her in real life at Renegade in Chicago. That's her looking pretty gorgeous in our Ombre Lolitas, which we still haven't released in our shop, I know, I'm sorry! But, pretty soon, you'll be able to get them on scoutmob! Well be listed in the Nashville section, since that is where we're closest to, and all yall can get some pretty rad shades, and support a super rad company.
Tumbleweeds will also be available at a few other brick and mortar shops in the coming weeks, and through some other awesome online retailers, but I'll keep yall in the know as it happens.

There are still many styles available on fab, so be sure to check it out, because they are going FAST! I'm off to eat some fried pickles and then back to work for me. It's been a busy weekend.



  1. i love scout mob so much! i'm glad it is in nashville.

  2. Love this! We use Scoutmob pretty often - great company to partner with!

  3. She is rocking those shades!
    Just saw your tweet (sidenote - I am still without internets!) No parcel yet!!

  4. yay! i still have to watch the video to see what scoutmob even is ;) i agree about the local thing - it's always better, especially when you're talking about food; chain restaurants can never compare.

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