Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Catch and To Covet

I hadn't charged the camera batteries in over a week until this morning. I hadn't looked at this blog with more than a fleeting glance. I still haven't finished editing photos from our trip (Danielle and I went thrifting in VA and it was glorious, I have photos and an awesome story to share!) I haven't shot photos of new products, but here I am. once again, a million things I want to blog about and almost no time. I did have a moment to shoot a photos of cookies. does that count?  

My life revolves around making sunglasses, and this up coming week, making hundreds of macarons, dozens of pies and a handful of other sweet delights for our very rad friends Kaelah and Mike, who are getting hitched on Saturday. A week from today! Lordy!!! I love it though, and happy to be back in the kitchen. I love making sunglasses, yall know that, but my heart is made of equal parts sugar&wood. {That, right there, sugar&wood, is a sneak peek as to what is happening in our lives within the next year. We will always be Tumbleweeds Handcraft, but Doug and I are building an umbrella company to expand our little Tumbleweeds dynasty!!!}
{Pistachio + Orange}
{A little tiny peek at one of the cookies I am making for KB+MF wedding}
We had to drive up to Nashville yesterday, in and out real quick, to drop Sammy off at the airport and eat some waffle house breakfast, and now back in the workshop, busting tail to get orders out. Doug tore his adductor muscle and has been in constant, debilitating pain for 3 weeks. It makes me crazy knowing there is nothing I can do to help him feel better, he just has to stay off it. Impossible for a dude like him who needs to always be doing something. I have made him be couch bound today, while I work double time, and hopefully he'll be back at it in a few days. I think the bed rest will help...

We applied to Crafty bastards with Danielle, and I was beginning to get my hopes up that we would get to travel to DC in November, but we were not accepted. I've never applied at any festival other than Porter Flea (which we heart-breakingly had to skip but will DEFINITELY apply again) and Renegade {which you read about, and I will certainly be applying to more of the renegade festivals this upcoming year.} so I didn't know what to expect when applying to CB. It was hard not being accepted. It makes you question for a moment if you're good enough, cool enough, something-enough. But after tearful phone calls with Danielle and long conversations with Doug, I feel better about it. We won't get into every festival we apply at, and that's okay. Everything happens for a reason.

On another note, our fab sale ends today, and there are still about 15 pairs of sunglasses left to purchase. Kind of neat seeing all those sold out stickers. We love working with Fab! Now we have a lot of orders to finish up, pack and ship before Thursday. Our etsy shop and big cartel shop have been steady little bee factories, which is always good. Life just seems pretty good right today. 

I wanted to share a few things I have been loving lately, since I haven't done a post like this in ages, and my favorites page is overflowing. I know this post is all over the place, but it's been a while, people, give me a break! ;)
{via Corduroy}

{via Yokoo}

I just heard the postman drop a package on the porch, which means I have the zebra wood I have been waiting for and should take that as a sign I need to get back to work. I kind of promise to be back again soon. I can't always keep my promises, but I will surely try my hardest.



  1. The bear hat and rock and hand poster are great.
    I'm hoping yalls umbrealla biz consists of delicious goodies and if y'all need some help just let me know.

  2. 1. looking at your macaron is like torture while i'm sitting here with a growling stomach.

    2. i need to know more about this umbrellas business! i remember you referencing it before and i was curious but i don't want to be nosy. SO, you can tell me if you want ;)

    3. crafty bastards doesn't know what they're missing by not having us! the more i think about it, the more i believe their looking for a certain style and maybe it's for the best we weren't accepted because neither of us fits with what was accepted. BROOKLYN, BROOKLYN, BROOKLYN!

    4. i kind of like posts that are all over the place because they just seem more real, like what was on your mind right at that moment.

    5. i love like you and everything you do :)

  3. love these odds and ends. so many pieces of your life, and so many pretty pictures!

    good luck baking for the wedding! you are a true friend.

  4. keep it up! the baking looks amazing! hope you have a great time at kaelah and mikes wedding! :)