Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweets and beets.

There is nothing I love more than chips. Ask Doug, I can powerhouse my way through a bag of chips like nobodies business. A great alternative to the regular potato chips are these three veggie/fruit snacks : sweet potato chips, beet chips and green apple and cheddar fricas. 

Thinly slice your beets and sweet potato (use a mandolin if you have one!) drop into very hot oil and watch magic happen. With the apple fricas, I thinly sliced green apples, brush with oil and sprinkle shredded cheddar on one side. Place in oiled fry pan and let the cheese slightly melt onto the apple slice before I flip them. Let them get crispy and dry them on a paper towel to removed excess oil. And, enjoy. 

These days, I have been eating more snacks than real meals. What are your favorite snacks?



  1. We just made these the other night, sans the apple bites. Now I REALLY wanna try the apple bites. Jonathan double fried our chips, & I made a rosemary salt to go on it. But man, I wanna try your version SO bad!

  2. I love vege chips!

    My favorite snack is plain white or yellow popcorn popped (either skillet or in a bag) and then dipped in salsa.

    If you are chip and salsa fanatic like I am, then you will love this. Be warned: Don't dip the popcorn to long, because it will get soggy. It is a great for reducing calorie intake as well!

  3. This sounds super good. I think having homemade veggie chips is way better than buying them in the bags. Trying this soon! :)

  4. I'm the same way, but with fries, mmm. sweet potato fries can be an entire meal. and pita house makes exceptionally good "greek fries." try trader joe's different varieties of chips, if you have one nearby! so delish.

  5. Sounds soooo yummy! Definitely need to try this asap
    xo Heather

  6. seriously that sounds so good! so making some tonight.