Monday, August 20, 2012

Chattanooga Market + Falling Water

I'm here, in our shared workshop, eating leftovers from the farmers market, watching Sabrina, feeding Ollie baby tomatoes (his favorite) and taking a break from working on sunglasses to upload photos from our shoot last night and write down some of my thoughts. The farmers Market was fun today, we hadn't been before and we have Maggie to thank for dragging us out of the workshop and into the world. We got to the market around noon, grabbed a (for the love of all that is right in the world) coffee and a bag of donuts. 
We wandered around the market, picking up treasures and people watching.
Met a local couple who own a little cookie company that makes Tennessee Moonshine Cookies, bought a jar and fell in love. They are good cookies, and after working as a pastry chef for so long, I have become picky when it comes to cookies. On another note, check out the kickstarted page for the expansion of Tennessee Moonshine Cookies. I really love what they're doing and hope they reach their goal to grow!

We had a hike to get to, so we grabbed some sodas from sodaworks, some little orange tomatoes, two giant pretzels and smoked paprika goat cheese for lunch (and those awesome cookies for dessert!)
Maggie took us to Falling Water, a little hiking/creek/waterfall up on Signal Mountain. It was the perfect little getaway. Doug and I made a vow to do more things outside of the workshop! It's healthy to take a break, right. Somebody validate that statement, quick!
Overall, a pretty perfect day. Felt good to get some fresh air, visit a new place and explore Chattanooga a little more. Thanks to Maggie, we're actually not being total hermits! Hope you had a good weekend. This week is going to kill us, we have almost 100 pairs of sunglasses we have to have in the mail before Friday, are acquiring 2 roommates (!!!) and working on a new blog series with a new friend + planning the Southern Blogger Mixer! Hope to check in with yall soon about that!



  1. Oh man, those doughnut holes are making my mouth water. Those markets look amazing.

  2. Wow -- what a great job you did in capturing the atmosphere of the Market. Your photos show it off beautifully, complemented by lovely descriptions. Thanks a million!

  3. I've been meaning to make a trip down to Chattanooga for a while now. It's so close and I can't believe I've never been. The market is on my list now.

    The Southern Blogger Mixer will be a good excuse to visit!

  4. "It's healthy to take a break, right. Somebody validate that statement, quick!" Yes, yes, yes, of course you silly goose!

    Please send me your lunch! "little orange tomatoes, two giant pretzels and smoked paprika goat cheese" God, that sounds good.

  5. This looked like such an awesome trip. Those rings look so lovely and so is that mountain view!

  6. This makes me want to get down the market even more!

    new roomies?? that could be fun!

    1. well, technically, old roommates from the west coast, moving out here because they miss us too much! ;)

  7. That sounds like a perfect day! Farmer's markets are one of my favorite things.

  8. New friends coming...and new traditions. Do you think my new friends will like me? Do they know that they are required to be my friends??!?!

  9. So glad you got out of the house! ;) Everything looks so lovely. This post makes me miss the Farmers Market way too much. I'll actually be able to go on the regular again soon! Wooh! Have a great day, love!