Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Gun show, Jail Works and A Pop-Up

After finishing up work early this morning and heading to the post office around 10, we got coffee and drove down to Dalton, Georgia for the North West Georgia Gun Show. It was a bust. We didn't get any new guns, they didn't have any knife blanks, no taxidermy, no archery. Nada. I found these rabbit targets for $3 for a pack of them, and Doug found me this beautiful vintage Walter Bros. pocket knife from the early 1900s for $20. I am sort of in love, and the knife is cool too.
We drove to a little flea market called The Red Barn, walked around, bought some random things, and started fading fast due to not eating and the unbearable heat/humidity. We left, drove around Dalton for what seemed like F O R E V E R and came across the coolest building I have ever seen before, with an equally rad sign.
I totally look cross-eyed in this last photo, but whatever, I kinda like that it isn't a beautiful photo. I was exhausted. We drove around some more looking for food, found NOTHING and finally pulled into a Red Lobster on accident, and just gave up. Ate shrimp, drank too much coke, drove home. I think we're both feeling a little bummed out right now. It's too hot for Doug to go skating, and I am already feeling overwhelmed just thinking about work for the next 3 months. It's more stressful than not today, that's all. I'm about to lock myself in the workshop for a good solid 12 hours (I know, through the night) and see what I can get done. Doug's taking a nap since he worked until 4am this morning...of course. I did too, but I don't need quite as much sleep. Maybe.

I have a new book review I know yall will be stoked on coming to the blog tomorrow and before I forget, you can find us in the sunglasses pop-up shop. We are making them all to order, so a little less stress on our end. If you missed out on our last fab sale, or don't see anything you like on this one, don't worry because we are having a solo-sale in August. No pressure, we just like to give good deals. 
Happy Saturday!



  1. Even though the gun show was lame, I love that rabbit target! Also, the sparkly pocket knife. Mostly because it's a sparkly pocket knife, haha.

  2. I've seen targets like that on Etsy and SO want some of my/our own!!!

    1. They sell them at outdoors stores and gun shops. If you have any in your area, they're super cheap. I have so many, i could send you some.

  3. That vintage knife looks so cool! Can't believe it's from the early 1900s, that is awesome.

  4. that gun show sounds like a gem & mineral show i went to - a bust. but i guess you never know until you get there and look around. but at least you still got something good and got to get out of the shop for a while! also, that picture of you is beautiful. and you know why i always think your pictures look so beautiful? because they always seem so natural, like you're not trying to put on a face for the camera or act like someone else, you're always you. and i love it.

    1. get ready to take a million photos with me! ;)

  5. I've been noticing in photos of me lately that I have wonky eyes.'re not alone?