Sunday, July 15, 2012

And the Bottom Fell Out

Earlier today, while in our work shop, the house began to rumble with thunder and then the bottom fell out. The sky opened up and it rained like it was never going to rain again, or ever had before. We took advantage of the incredible downpour to take a break from work and play in the rain. Sometimes when you're feeling stressed, it's okay to let go, get soaking wet and enjoy the moment. 
I have about three posts in queue, all of which I am pretty excited about. Life is exciting. Also, if you haven't checked out our sale, you should take a peek. They are going fast! Back to work for me. Hope your weekend was awesome!


PS, here's some full color proof that our glasses can stand up to one hell of a storm. ;)


  1. Love these pictures. The rain falling in the background looks so cool. It started raining here so hard today, too...but I just sat inside and watched movies.

    Just came across your blog...really enjoying it.

  2. Such a great break! Glad you took the moment to enjoy it!

  3. Awww, you look so adorable! These pictures are lovely ♥

  4. <3333 I love a random thunderstorm!!! This actually happened over the weekend and I ran out into the rain too!!! I took pictures, but they didn't come out anywhere as good as these. ;)

  5. It's been raining a lot here too! LOVE IT!

  6. That's such a fun way to react to rain and I can imagine how good it must feel! We've got almost non-stop heavy rain here in England (no summer for us!) so I think I'll try it soon!

  7. I love this. I'm going to try this, we have plenty of rain this "summer" here (in the Netherlands that is) so I will start dancing in the rain pretty soon.

    Those shoes are pretty cool as well

  8. playing in the rain is so much fun! flojo also likes to flap and play in the rain.

    also, you know you make some good glasses when a downpour doesn't affect them!

  9. This weekend M & I took a walk downtown even though we knew it was about to rain. On the way back in was pouring, and even though we brought the umbrella, we didn't use it. It had been so hot and dry all week long that walking through a warm downpour was a rare treat that we took our time to fully enjoy. There were moments where I had so much rain running down my face and into my eyes that I couldn't see. It was a great afternoon. Playing in the rain is the best.