Friday, May 18, 2012

This Big Deep Place Where We Reside

{Construction of a Nebula via Elisemahanfineart}
Back from vacation and up to our elbows in work. It feels wonderful and scary at the same time, but I am so happy we took a few days to rest and visit with good friends and get rejuvenated for work. I miss being surrounded by babies and the sound of the waves breaking and drinking cranberry sprite and not wearing shoes for 4 days. I did really, REALLY miss my dogs, in a ridiculous way, so it's good to be home. However, Doug's family came for impromptu visit for the weekend which makes working the kind of hours I am used to impossible. It's good to have family here though. 
{via Chraisia}
It has kind of been a whirlwind kind of week. The etsy feature was a dream come true and almost impossible to keep a secret. Thank you all for all of you support and kind words. It meant the world to us. Our business wouldn't exist if not for the blogging community and for that, we are eternally grateful. We get to do what we love, and pay the bills, and support a charity and live the life we always dreamed of. It's amazing. I feel blesses and lucky and happy. I thank my lucky stars, every single day.
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It's easy to get overwhelmed, so I'm making sure that this summer is all about being pleasant, even when we're running a few days behind schedule, take deep breaths, pilates and archery (the only two forms of exercise I like, besides bike riding and hiking, which I will only tolerate if it isn't humid...) hugs and kisses and lots of I love yous to the one who makes my world a better place, phone calls to my Dad, splurging on new shoes and summer dresses and NOT feeling guilty about it. I want to have the strength to complete everything I say I will, take on more than I think is possible and still get it done, keep our house clean and get enough sleep. I want to take long drives, stay in hotels and visit friends way more often. I need to make a 27 things I need to do the summer before I turn 27 list, maybe I'll climb into bed and work on that tonight. I can't use power tools, everyone is asleep, so there isn't much work I can do until the morning. I know this blog post is disjointed, but I felt a need to play catch up. It's been such a crazy week, and will keep being crazy for the next few months! 
I feel so disconnected, so please tell me what's happening in your lives! I hope life is really good for each and every one of you. I really, truly do. And I promise to come around these parts more now that we're back.



  1. So, so, so happy for you!!! You have worked incredibly hard and more than deserve all the wonderful things coming your way.

  2. Love this post, love that sweatshirt, those lovie sunnies, love you!

  3. Glad that you are back, it's good to see you :)
    Also glad to hear that you're making a pact with yourself to do more nice things for yourself, that is important!


  4. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful summer! You deserve it! I'm glad that you had such a wonderful break, too!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your 27 things list!