Sunday, May 13, 2012

Girl and Parrot Giveaway winner

We are on vacation right now, so I'm going to make this short, but here are the winners for the Girl and Parrot custom pet portrait giveaway. Also, how cute is this new print in Danielle's shop? SO GOOD!
Congrats HT! And the winner of the special surprise from Danielle's shop is Kerry! Congrats.

Could you both email me so I can put you in touch with Danielle for your prizes,

I need to get back to vacationing. I am burned, exhausted and I miss my boys like crazy. They're in good hands, and I know I will appreciate them so much more when I get to snuggle with them in a few days.

And I wanted to touch upon a subject I brought up earlier, about feeling guilty about taking a vacation. I have to be totally honest. If we wouldn't have taken this vacation, we would have had a total and absolute meltdown. We were so incredible stressed out before we left, and are finally starting to feel a bit better about it. Thanks for all of your kind words.


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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Love the Tumbleweeds giveaway over on Miss Teacups blog!