Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things of late.

We are in the midst of huge, huge life changing production in our business and it's all consuming. Like our workshop is currently seeping into every other room in our house. Our back guest room has been fully converted into a photo studio, the living room floor has become a full on gluing station, and it seems like I find random places to do other work in. It is exciting, and exhausting and scary, but we are taking some huge leaps and bounds, and I'm excited to watch the roller coaster drop. 

This morning has been focused on cleaning and organizing before I get to work. Doug went to Georgia for a mini-skate trip and it's weird having the day to myself. I'm not used to it. I'm taking lots of photos for upcoming blog posts and learning a new photo editing program and cleaning this house. Having a three and a half bedroom house means a lot more work than keeping a one bedroom house clean. I am not complaining, but I am also not neat and organized, so having a full day of cleaning this house is exhausting. You can follow along with me adventures in moving in and decorating on instagram (becalewis) and twitter.

This morning, I also took a second to take a self portrait. My hair has changed recently, and I've lost (to date) 14 pounds since we moved to Tennessee. Yikes. So, it seemed about time to show y'all my face. Also, it's self portrait Saturday over on the Manzanita blog, so I thought I would join along. I used to do self portrait sunday, but of course, like everything else in my life, I didn't follow through with it. Ooooh well. I'm pretty stoked on being blonde again. It happens once every few years, and I may stick with it this time.
self portrait
I have lots of neat posts this week. And a pretty awesome mother's day giveaway you don't want to miss happening HERE later today. I guess I have been a pretty terrible blogger lately, so thanks for sticking around and keeping me company when I do show up.


PS thanks from both Doug and I for all of your sweet comments on my last post. Made my heart happy!


  1. I love the blonde hair! It looks so great!
    Congrats on losing 14 pounds, that is awesome :)

  2. Your shade of blonde is my favourite. It's almost looks so good on you Beca! Congrats on the weight loss as well, that must feel pretty darn good!

  3. Love the blonde on you. I've always wanted to try, but don't have the guts. And congrats on the weight loss!

  4. hey there, pretty lady! i love when you show your face on your blog. also, i love that you haven't turned my bedroom into a studio space yet, because then where would i sleep? hahaha! congrats on the 14 pounds! geez, you make me feel like a slacker!