Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Day in my Four Legged Life // Vol. 5

Another installment of A Day in my Four Legged Life. This time from cat lady Jes of The Kitschen.
Hi! My name is Owen VonStinkermeister... but most people call me Owen.
I'm a stinky house kitty that lives in Tucson Arizona with my
camera happy mom, hardworking dad, and cantankerous sister named Inga.
Welcome to a peek into my WEEKEND!

First things first of course... after scratching on the door until Mom gets up I eat breakfast.

Meow Mix is the breakfast of champions.

Mom and I were planning a quick special "I Love My Life Party" for our favorite friend Kari
and I helped make the bunting banner.
I'm quite the contributing creative genius.

Breakfast parties are the very best!
Quite often in the middle of something, I'll get caught in a kiss attack.
I pretend that I hate kiss attacks, but really its my favorite thing ever.
This is Inga. Shes my sister and mostly a grouch.
You can tell she doesn't have very good manners.
but she's really smart so she gets to go outside...
I'm a little jealous to tell you the truth.
I get to only watch her from the inside.
This is one of my best friends, Mousey.
We play the funnest games, like the
"Throw-Mousey-Underneath-the-Door-So-I-Can-Pretend-Hes-Hard-to-Reach" game...
It keeps me occupied for hours.
After hardcore gaming, its time for my Alley Patrol shift.
I'm in charge of keeping the alley free from lizards, dogs, and birdies.
I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.
Treat time is a perfect time to make ridiculous faces, just to...
No really, a bird! They are my WORST enemy.
To show my contempt for them I gobble like turkey.
You know, gobbling for a scare factor.
It doesn't work very well... yet.
Family picture time didn't go so well... I don't think were very good at it.
Dad fixed out cooler because it's almost summer,
and it was my first time experiencing the most powerful air...
I didn't like it very much because...
Following my air cooler experience and impromptu bird watching,
it was time for a photo shoot of my adorable face.
THAT one actually went well.
Mom was making cupcakes and though I'm not allowed, I got up on the counter to sniff the...
Nap time can happen at anytime I deem necessary.
This is quite often, but I offer no apologies.
Especially when I sleep all day that way I can have
LOTS of energy to have a pouncing party while Mom and Dad sleep.
I'm a pretty good party planner.
Dad likes to watch "American Greed".
I like to watch Dad watch "American Greed".
God, today was exhausting.
Time to sleep for a few hours so I can get up for that pouncing party I was telling you about.
Thanks for taking the time to follow me throughout the day.
I'm adorably interesting, don't you think?


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