Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Swap meet Treasures

Last weekend, we went to Kobey's as usual, and I found some pretty treasures. i know we're moving, and I need to stop buying stuff, but I can't help it. I have an addiction. Plus, I couldn't pass any of it up, such good deals!
I got this backpack for $5, and I am pretty excited to turn it into my travel backpack.
I have a small collection of these little music boxes. I found this one for $1.
Y'all know I love stacking dolls, and have about 20 sets now. These are the smallest dolls in the three I got last weekend. I found the first two sets for $1 each, and Doug bought me the last set, which is a gorgeous green XL set for $15. I usually don's spend that much on them, but since it was a gift, I'm not complaining!

What have you found recently?



  1. if you are #1 mess-maker, i would like to claim the title of the total opposite...i am the mess absorber/cleaner-upper.....congratulations you guys...rockin' this web thing like nobody's business.....send me my glasses please! i'll send you a check! ;)

  2. i just cussed out loud when i saw that you got that music box for $1. i have searched for those for years with no luck! i wanna go to that swap meet!

    and yeah, it is an addiction, and i too am an addict.

  3. Oh my GOD. That music box!!! I haven't seen a music box (I don't think?!) but I have seen little wooden stores, etc. like that and have wanted them so. badly. but they weren't for sale!!!

    AH! Ahem! Amazing finds, miss!!!

  4. great, great finds! what great deals!

  5. thanks guys, I'm pretty stoked on these pretty finds.