Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting Organized for 2012 with the Boy Girl Party Agenda

I've talked about Susie from Boy Girl Party before, mostly because she's an awesome person, but also because she is an incredible artist. I love her work, and she was one of the first Etsy sellers I bought from when we moved to San Diego after scrolling through the local section. I purchased the Fox Recipe Cards and the Octopus To-Do list for our friend in Rhode Island as a late Christmas gift, and Susie sent me the sweetest email telling me we were practically neighbors!

Now, I am pretty good at e-window shopping, and when I saw the 2012 agenda, I knew I needed it, big time. Boy am I ever happy I got it, it's not ever 2012, and I've already filled up the back section, and started using the calender for upcoming events in 2012. And lord knows I am going to need a lot of help staying organized this upcoming year, my head is already spinning with all the plans we have.
It's not hard to love since it's just about the cutest thing I ever did see. It's full of little cuties and I am head over heels for Susie's handwriting. I also got some of the Hummingbird recipe cards for a Christmas gift and I know the recipient, an avid cook, will love them.
If I were you, I would hop on over to Susie's shop (or Etsy shop + Facebook) and check out more of this amazing woman's work and get some goodies of your own. See what good comes from me shopping local and you reading my blog?!? Magic, I tell you, magic!


***EDIT, after writing this blog post, I discovered that the agenda I have is currently sold out. It's THAT good! But be sure to keep checking back in Susie's shop to see if it will come back into stock.***