Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Gift to You - New Blogs to Follow

I, for one, am already totally wiped out, and it isn't even Christmas yet. I have about one million photos to share from the last few days visiting with family, but I don't even want to touch them right now. I just want to sit in bed with a few treats, watch TV with my super rad boyfriend, not even think about working, and share with you some of my new favorite blogs+bloggers. A gift, from me to you.

Lisa from Let's Move to the West Coast is a newbie to San Diego, a photographer and has a really sweet blog that's brand new to the blogging world and to my blog-feed. I'm excited to hear more about her adventures in SD, since it seems like just yesterday that we moved here. Hi Lisa!
I feel stupid for not knowing about Rebecca's blog Manzanita until a few days ago. I spent a good hour looking back through her blog and loved every moment of it. She is talented and smart, and I like both of those qualities. Plus, we share a name. Go team! Hi Rebecca.
Another aptly named blogger (do we see a trend here?) Rebekka Seale, has a pretty blog called Dear Friend that I have spent some time scrolling through recently. It really is a magical place, this blog. Plus, her artwork is amazing. Hi Rebekka.

Hope you have fun following some new blogs, if you don't already! We're getting ready to quit for the night, and I'm excited for our Christmas tradition of going to the first showing at the movie theater tomorrow! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and all that jazz.


(PS All photos belong to their respective blog owners)


  1. Ooo! I love finding a new blog (or three.) I find that following new bloggers is a simple, yet powerful, joy. I love making good friends in this community. Thank you for a sweet gift and Merry Christmas!!!

  2. merry christmas! thanks for the recommendations. i recently started following dear friend, but i hadn't heard of the others!

  3. whoa! so flattered! thanks Beca!

  4. thanks for introducing me to your readers Beca! I am so flattered:)