Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stripes, Skunks and Sea Water

Wow. I have been totally absent since November started, and that is because we have been busy busy busy (and still sick...which makes absolutely no sense to me, but that's life right...colds that last almost a month and make you sound like you have emphysema.)

Anyways, we have a bunch of glasses on the drying rack right now that will hopefully be done tomorrow. Working with some exotics that are a little different than wood, so we'll see. We had to run to the leather supply store in OB for some dye and supplies, and while we were down there, took a walk on the pier. I haven't been out there before. It felt nice to get out of the house and walk around. We get cabin fever sometimes.
{Okay, I know my hair looks ragged as all get out, but I am going to do something about it soon. I just can't decide if I want to go lighter or darker. Any suggestions?}
{Sweater // Thrifted, Shirt // Skunkboy Creatures, Skirt and Shoes // Target, Sunglasses // Our Shop}

I love this shirt, but I forgot how see-through it is, and for the more well endowed of us, well let's just say, I should have worn a camisole underneath. I'm going to open the shop now and work on a DIY project. We'll see how it comes out. ;) Hope you are all having a nice Thursday!




  1. Eeek, I have a few see-through shirts as well and let's just say, I am certainly well endowed. Possibly a bit TOO well endowed. :P

    You look lovely - especially for being sick, my goodness!!!

    I hate long lasting colds. They are the worst! I hope you feel mucho better soon!

  2. damn you and your big, well-endowed boobs! i keep waiting for my chest to fill in!

    so, i had to take some benadryl last night before i went to bed because it turns out i'm a little bit allergic to buffalo chicken rice, so this morning i'm out of it and can't spell OR read. so i thought your post said "sea sweaters" instead of sea water. duh.

    also, i like your outfit, and you can never NEVER go wrong adding a cardigan to anything and everything! WOOO!

  3. wait, one more thing... when i read the part about you talking like you had emphysema, all i could think about was the episode of friends where phoebe had a cold, and smelly cat sounded so much better. maybe you have a career in coffee house music in your sick future.

  4. Stumpy the Seagull! Seagull Stumpy's cousin Stumpy the Grey Jay lives here in Oregon. ;o)

  5. i love that long stripy sweater you have on! too bad it is a thrift find so i can't run out and get one for myself.

  6. Rae, it's probably from F21 or something.....its kind of cheapy material.... :)