Friday, November 4, 2011

A Rainy Friday Sunset

The rainy storm day today was incredible, and much needed. We stayed in bed until 9:30, playing with the dogs and procrastinating getting up. I went to the Dr.s and then we finished up some work and headed to La Jolla...It was raining sideways and our van is not built for rainy weather, but it was awesome. And c old. So cold!!!

We have been hard at work at some new styles for the shop recently, and also for the Museum. These are kind of my pride and joy, right here. They came out so beautifully and really inspired me to take my very limited skills to another level. I call them the sunsets and am sort of obsessed with the details on the arms. I first did the arm details on a pair of sunglasses we made for Brandi over at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno and now I am hooked. I want to do inlays on all of the arms!!
Sunrise Sunset
Mahogany, Oak and Bubinga
Do you love them? I want to get caught up so that I can make lots of new styles for the shop for the holidays! Also, We dropped off another part of the giant order from MoCA today, only 7 this time, but we are trying to pace ourselves. These three are Purple Heart, which we are making in a limited run; Rattle Snake Skin, and Eel Skin. The order included making more exotic sunglasses, so we will be having a few interesting ones pop up in the next month or so. Most of them are one of a kinds, but at least I can share them on here....
Purple Heart
Snake Skin
It was also really neat to see our sunglasses on display. They look so rad all out together.
I really really need to clean our messy house before I get back to work, but now that I am finally feeling better, I think tonight may end up being another all nighter. I am feeling so inspired today!

What's inspiring you?


  1. EE! So exciting! They look wonderful! :]

  2. Gorgeous! I love the variations in the wood!

  3. Oh my gosh, those are so gorgeous! I so want a pair, so I can rock 'em in blog pictures, hehe!!!

  4. you already know that i'm a fan of your sunglasses, but wow, seeing them like that, i wouldn't be surprised to see a $300 price tag on them! they just look so chich and awesome displayed!

  5. i am a big fan of your craft! these sunglasses are so cute. each one is very unique. great job.


  6. Danielle!! chic and awesome!!
    THANK YOU! That is the best compliment, though!

    Thank you Amber, Megan, Angie and Carrie for your sweet words!

  7. Wow! In the museum... that's awesome! They are all so beautiful and I'm super happy for you guys! You know I'm a super fan :)

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