Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miniature Mac & Cheese Tarts

I didn't invent this, although I thought I did. Don't you hate when you think you're a genius, then you google your great idea to find out other people had your same idea too. That's what happened with my lovely little mini mac & cheese tarts. But, to me, I still invented them and they are mine!
We have a "friends Thanksgiving" party to go to tonight. It's a yearly tradition and last year by the time I had gotten off work, everyone was done eating and had moved onto drinking heavily. Nobody even got a chance to eat the desserts I made (a pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies and an apple pie.) This year, since I am 100% self employed, I am closing the shop early to go enjoy an early thanksgiving with friends and not only did I make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and garlic rolls, I also made my invention. Mini Mac & Cheese Tarts.
Easy, peasy mac & cheesy tart recipe.
12 mini uncooked pie shells
1 box of mac & cheese (I got Target brand shells & white cheddar cheese)
1 package of ritz crackers

This recipe is so easy and southern, you don't really have to "make" anything, just put it together. Pre-bake your pie shells, and set them aside. Make mac & cheese with a little extra milk/butter so that it is extra creamy. Some of this will bake off in the oven. Put a spoonful of mac & cheese in each pie shell, top with crushed ritz crackers and bake for about 5 minutes.


  1. ohmygod i am really excited for this recipe you invented :)

  2. What clever little treats! I am always suspicious of mini-whatever recipes because they usually involve 3 x the work of the normal-sized item, but those look simple, tasty, and adorable!

    Glad you took some time for yourself to enjoy the holiday with your friends :) We all need that and it can be so easy to work your life away - even when it's something your truly passionate about.

  3. that happens to me too! most recently with breakfast...i like to put bites of egg on my toast and eat them in one morning i made a piece of toast, cut a shape in the middle with a cookie cutter, melted some butter in a pan, and cracked an egg into the cut out. cook the egg and kablaam!...egg and toast all in one. i was so stoked and the first thing my husband said was "toad in the hole!" (and in that movie v for vendetta they call it "eggy in a basket")...dammit! haha! oh and also...happy thanksgiving! those mac&cheese tarts look SO good! i've never thought of anything like it so you're my first source...thats kind of like inventing it, right?

  4. Wow! I reckon I could eat these for a week straight! Hey, I was looking for your email deets....saw your comment on Danielle's page about my slips. I would love to make one for you! Send me your size and colour prefs to
    Toni xo

  5. mmm! so easy! i might make this for my family thanksgiving!